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Review by  Greg Anderson
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 8/10 Random, difficult mazes. Saving
Controls: 9/10 Simple arrow movement
Implementation: 6/10 Scrolling causes visual problems
Overall: 8/10 Fun maze game

Labyrinth is a challenging game where you navigate a square through a maze. Each level has its own unique graphical style which determines the dificulty of the level. The first levels are easy because the boundaries of the paths are clearly defined. In later levels, the pattern becomes more confusing. It eventually becomes very difficult to discern an opening from a solid wall. Each maze is randomly generated, and this increases replay value immensely. The game also features an "antimaze" feature, where you travel through walls instead of the open areas, which you can not travel through. This option, however, is insanely hard (I can't even pass the first level).

The game is designed very well, but it also has some unique problems. The controls are fine; just use the arrow keys to move the square. If you quit, the game saves which level you are currently on, although you cannot return to a previous difficulty without erasing your save. The mazes do not fit on the 83+ screen, so a scrolling feature had to be added. This is fine on the early levels, but when the graphics make the path harder to see, the scrolling shifts the entire screen and makes it difficult to keep track of your current position relative to the rest of the maze. This is extremely frustrating. A manual scrolling feature would help a lot.

While the scrolling feature is annoying, Labyrinth is still a fun maze game with a high replay value thanks to random mazes and saving.

Review by  Lewk Of Serthic
Reviewed on 2004-04-16
If you like maze games I would recommend you get this game. However I do believe it is flawed in one of the later levels with the walls randomly changing. Maybe this was just the author's idea of a hard level, but personally, until I see someone beat it, I consider this level impossible. The inverse maze is cool and, as far as I know, unique too!

Overall: 7/10.

Review by  Brian Gordon
Reviewed on 2004-04-15
This game is incredible. Badja's work really shines here with an exceptional feat of programming and graphical skill. The mazes are rather hard, although the real challenge of this game is trying to see past the graphics. For example, in one level, you move between small black rooms. A barrier is marked by one single pixel blocking the entranceway to the next “room.” It is challenges like this that make up the gameplay. Badja did rather well (except for one level) handling the evil screen bug that lowers the contrast when there is a lot of vertical contrast on the screen, such as when using a checkered pattern, which is a great plus considering that there are some pretty interesting patterns for maze walls in this game. All of the levels are automatically generated, making for great replay value.

This game also features a nigh-impossible “antimaze” mode of play in which you can only leap over walls and not travel between them. This is a great addition and easily triples the playtime.

7/10 (7 is considered an excellent score).

Review by  aaron barnhart
Reviewed on 2004-04-14
If you're a fan of maze games, you will probably want to have this game on your calculator. I personally thought the game had a nice way of starting off easy and gradually getting harder, although I believe I got to a level where the walls changed or something, and I got so furious I deleted the game. There is also a mode where you wall hop instead of walking through the maze, which I thought was cool. It's a better than the average maze game.

8/10. I felt it could've been a little bit easier on the later levels, the jump in difficulty happened so quickly.

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