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Review by  Sam Heald
Reviewed on 2004-10-29
Attention span: 7/10 It's Nibbles
Controls: 10/10 Cooler than the other Nibbles games
Implementation: 6/10 Many features are missing like LEVELS!
Overall: 7/10 A good game at a great size, I really hope the author takes the time to improve upon this.

A new Nibbles-clone, this time written by Matthew Shepcar of Icarus Productions!

This game takes a new interesting twist on this tired genre of games. Instead of the standard 4 directional movement, Peaworm opts for a total control steering. The directional keys will alter the slopes of the your snake's "line". In this fashion, turns must be planned significantly in advance because it takes several pixels of movement before the snake will make a complete reversal in movement. I like the new controls because it adds a great amount of challenge.

Unfortunately, this game is still in the beta stage. At this point, this game is very "bare bones" in its features. Hopefully, the author will add many of the features commonly found in a good Nibbles game.

What's missing? A speed changer would be helpful. Multiple levels where ten pellets will increase your level would be greatly appreciated. An initial keeper for the highscore would be nice as well.

Right now, this game is a keeper on your calculator if not only for the meager ~700 bytes it takes up. With only one level, it gets boring fairly quickly. A highscore ~20 is probably the best you will be able to do.

Review by  Morgan Davies
Reviewed on 2004-04-07
I realize how simple of a concept this game is, but seriously once you get a strategy down you won't be able to stop. You basically have to control the "pea worm" and go around picking up little "apples," or what I term "black dots." :-) Just like any “Nibbles” game, you grow as you pick them up. There is a high score feature, which is everything in this game. I have been trying ever since I got the game a few years back to get a score of 50 and I always drop out at 49. It’s really quite frustrating, but at the same time I keep playing it trying to get that 50.

I can't explain why this game is so great, I mean it only has one setting (play until you run into yourself or a wall) and there are no levels. However, it’s still enough for me. It’s an insanely small program and is different from “Nibbles” programs because it moves in a non-linear type fashion like all “Nibbles” games do. And that's not putting down “Nibbles” games, just pointing out that this game is more original. So, it’s good because it is different. Considering the game was made in one morning, and I have spent more hours in class playing this than anything else, it’s a 10 on my scale.

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