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Axe Parser 1.2.2


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Filename axe.zip (Download)
Title Axe Parser 1.2.2
Description Axe is a revolutionary new programing language for the TI-83/84 series calculators. It is designed with game creation in mind, but the applications are limitless. It offers an alternative to the restrictions of BASIC but without the complexity of pure Assembly. An Axe program can compile into a no-stub executable or to your favorite shell and therefore does not require any external application to run your program. Keep in mind that although complete and complex games can already be made using the parser, this is in perpetual development and is not complete. Check axe.omnimaga.org for everything Axe!
Authors kevin horowitz (--@--.com)
Zachary Wassall (runer112@gmail.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus Flash Misc. Programs
File Size 640,732 bytes
File Date and Time Sun Nov 3 17:01:40 2013
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? No



Review by  Deep Thought
Reviewed on 2010-10-10
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

This is probably the single most brilliant ASM program I have ever seen.

Axe is a totally new language for the 83+/84+ series, and it's amazing. It's useful for BASIC programmers to make fun, fast games without having to look up hundreds of pages of tutorials for a difficult, impossibly low-level language, and for ASM programmers to make games that are just as great as those written in pure ASM without the hassle of programming assembly on a computer and constantly debugging. It is much harder to learn and more risky than BASIC, since it does compile to ASM, but the results are amazing.

Syntax: 9/10

Tailored for TI calcs; simple; similar to TI-BASIC; mostly consistent

Speed: 10/10

I just compiled an 8000-byte program in two seconds; that is freakin' fast.

Usability: 9/10

Simple; acceptable size (two flash pages as of the time this review was written); intuitive controls; YOU MUST READ THE README

Practicality: 10/10

Brilliant concept; convenient on-calc editing; familiar TI-OS editor

Learning curve: Y=2X

Somewhat steep (definitely much harder than TI-BASIC, but much easier both to learn and to code than TI-ASM); easy to code once you grasp the concepts; DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH TI-BASIC; TI-ASM experience very helpful in many situations

Overall: Y=2X+38/40

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Archive Contents
Name Size
Axe.8xk   78894
ChangeLog.txt   33302
Commands.html   236087
Developers/API.txt   2213
Developers/Axe.inc   6199
Developers/AxiomSDK.txt   8532
Developers/Commands.inc   94541
Developers/tokenhook.inc   27140
Documentation.pdf   501693
Examples/AXE3DRAC.8xp   695
Examples/AXECOUNT.8xp   198
Examples/AXECUBE.8xp   475
Examples/AXEFRACT.8xp   904
Examples/AXEGOL.8xp   329
Examples/AXEGUESS.8xp   372
Examples/AXEPONG.8xp   416
Examples/AXERPG.8xp   1674
Examples/AXESDEMO.8xp   366
Examples/AXESOUND.8xp   279
Examples/AXESSHIP.8xp   1658
Examples/AXETEXT.8xp   181
keycodes.png   11952
Tools/Application Signing/010A.key   270
Tools/Application Signing/COPYING.txt   35744
Tools/Application Signing/Drag App Over Me.bat   74
Tools/Application Signing/rabbitsign.exe   83737
Tools/Application Signing/README.txt   5922
Tools/MemKit/MEMKIT.8xv   329
Tools/MemKit/MemKit.z80   2762
Tools/MemKit/Readme.txt   3646
Tools/Sprite Editor/HEXPIC.8xp   910
Tools/Sprite Editor/Instructions for HEXPIC.txt   453

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