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Review by  Ben F.
Reviewed on 2020-09-20
This is a highly underrated platformer for the Ti-84+.

The graphics are really impressive, and the game runs at a solid framerate with minimal slowdown.

The combat and physics feel great too, but I have a few issues with the level design:

The screen crunch from the screen resolution is not adequately dealt with, leadign to cheap deaths even on the first level. The developer did try to mitigate this with a singular coin trail in level 4, but seemingly forgot to do it anywhere else. Level 4 is also where a massive difficulty spike happens, with conveyer belts rushing you forwards into insta-death spikes. When combined with the lack of visibility on death pits, this is a very frustrating level. If it weren't for the awesome auto-save feature, this would have hurt my rating of this game way more than it did.

Even if the levels are frustrating at times, they are still (mostly) fair, fun, and at a good length for short sessions.

Overall, 8.8 out of 10- Give this one a go if you like platformers, and/or just want a challenge.

Review by  Elyassin mana
Reviewed on 2018-01-31

Degenerated Sprites !!!

On TI-82 Advanced it's completely glitchy :

Bad sprites, like a super mario bros corruption !!! And no possibiliy to able any action !

I have been reset my calculator hen I have tested it on TI-84 Plus : the same error !

Please immediately clear this file !!! ;(

Review by  Lincoln Bergeson
Reviewed on 2011-08-29
This is a pretty sweet game. The graphics, especially, are excellent, and add so much. I still have yet to beat the game, however. (I'm working on it)

Gameplay: 8/10 : Classic platform gameplay, my one complaint is that squidgetx didn't do enough here. There are so many different game elements, like the torches and the treadmill blocks that could have added so much, if only he had taken it a step further.

Graphics: 10/10 : Simply stated, superb. This is where the game absolutely soars.

Originality: 9/10 : Pretty good. Who cares? It's fun!

Total: 9/10 : Great game. What are you waiting for? Just download it already!

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