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Review by  Kevin Ouellet
Reviewed on 2009-11-10
When I use my TI-89 nowadays, it's usually to play F-Zero 68k. It is in fact one of my favourite 68k game (close to Super Mario 68k). When it first came out, I was amazed. I never thought Mode-7 would even be possible on calc before, even less with grayscale. Then it happened. F-Zero on a calculator.

There are only two things I didn't like very much about the game, however:

  1. First, I think the cars were way too big for the size of the road. I think that they should have been made smaller, something like 24x16 or if it's still a bit too big, 16x12. The car would look less detailled, but it would still look good I'm sure and you would be able to see more of the road ahead (and other cars).
  2. Secondly, F-Zero is a fast racing game. F-Zero 68k is fast too, but maybe a bit too much. When playing it, the speed felt like I was playing F-Zero X or GX using an speed modifier action-replay code. Fortunately, controls were pretty great, so controlling the car was still somewhat easy, but judging by other F-Zero games, I feel this one could have been made so the cars moves at least twice slower. It would also make the tracks no longer seems incredibly short (I could finish some of them in 20 seconds)

Despite these two points, I think F-Zero 68k is a revolutionary game for TI calculators that deserves its feature and everyone who wants a good racing game should download it. It's pretty much like F-Zero for the SNES or GBA, just with twice faster speed and twice as big cars.


Review by  RJ Larimore
Reviewed on 2005-12-12
Overall Score: 9.8/10

“F-Zero” is an awesome game, all around. Unlike most calc games, you can play F-Zero for hours to beat the game. And even after you beat it, you can keep trying to set a faster high score.

The graphics are really nice - the best when it comes to calculator games. “F-Zero” is one of the few calc games that has 3D graphics, and the only game so far that uses “mode7”. Good graphics, good gameplay. I don't think it gets any better than this. Definitely download this game.

The control is good, but it takes a while to get used to. You are traveling so fast, and the turns come up almost before you have a chance to react. When you first start playing the game, you will find yourself using the brakes and releasing the gas very often. But once you get used to it you wont have to use the brakes, even for the sharp turns.

Much of the game may be confusing at first if you are new to the “F-Zero” series, but if you have played any “F-Zero” game before, you'll know exactly what to do. Even if you don't know what you're doing you can pick the game up very quickly.

“F-Zero” is already up there on my list of favorite calc games even after only a few hours of play, and I'm sure it will become a classic calc game.

Review by  majyk bob
Reviewed on 2005-12-10
Graphics: 9.9/10 Hey, it's “Mode7”
Controls: 9/10 In game... pretty good considering the speed
Memory Usage: 7/10 uses 1/3 of a normal 89's memory.
Replay Value: 10/10 Very good game.
Total: 9

“F-ZERO” is a very good game considering that it's a first release. it is similar to the original as far as Gameplay goes, but combines elements (like boosting) from later titles (like “Grand Prix Legends”)

Graphics: Well, I saw the “Mode7” engine last year, and I couldn't wait for this game to get out of beta. As for an explanation, “Mode7” is a hardware graphics mode for the SNES but, it's not in 3D. All “Mode7” does is make a top-down rotatable playfield (ex. “Contra III”). Now prespectivised Mode7 is what makes the 3D effects. It basically Scales individual lines of the “Mode7” effect to create a pseudo-3D effect. This game does that at 1/2 of the 89's resolution on high res mode. The graphics are pretty good, my only complaint would be that the recharge strips are about one shade too light so they are a little too hard to see.

Controls: This game has very instinctual and pretty fluid controls. But, the vehicle slows down too fast when you let off the gas. Other that that, the controls are pretty good. [2nd] is accelerate. [Diamond] is brake and [Shift] is boost.

Memory: Ouch! 240k. But it IS a pretty complex game. So it is justified.

Replay Value: If you liked the original, you'll like this.

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