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Review by  Travis Evans
Reviewed on 2007-02-21
Evaluation time: 29+ days (20-Jan-2007 to 18-Feb-2007)

Tested on: HW2 TI-89 with AMS 2.09

Pros: Makes Home Screen typing much faster and more convenient; great when typing long function names or repetitive expressions

Cons: Occasionally gets in the way of typing or cursor movement; does not recognize certain functions (although they can be easily added)

* Stability/Reliability: 10/10

* Features: 9/10

* Size/Efficiency: 8/10

* Ease of use/Usability: 10/10

* Documentation: 8/10

* Overall: 9/10

Recommended: Yes

Basically, Complete attempts to guess what you are typing on the Home Screen and pops up a menu listing its guesses. You can either select the appropriate option from the menu to insert the rest of the name or function at the cursor location, or you can continue typing, and Complete continues to refine its guesses as you type more characters. This works quite well and is very handy. The menu interface is simple and makes sense. Sometimes it can be a little annoying, as certain menus use the left and right arrow keys. Occasionally these menus appear just when I'm trying to move the cursor, and I have to press ESC first to remove the menu. It's not a huge problem, though, and the vast majority of the time Complete is helpful rather than annoying.

When I initially tried Complete, I experienced a very annoying bug that happened very frequently: The auto-complete menu frequently was not erased properly, leaving a "zombie" menu over the home screen History. However, I found a newer version of Complete at http://www.stearley.org/calc.html that fixed this problem. At the time of this writing, ticalc.org's version seems a little out of date, so I would recommend downloading Complete from the stearley.org website if possible.

Complete was well designed. It auto-completes most of the functions as well as units and folders and variable names. It is additionally possible to add to the list of names that Complete can complete. This was a very good idea. This makes it possible to add short expressions or units to the complete list that you use often. It also makes up for the fact that Complete doesn't recognize some commands and functions "out-of-the-box", particularly the new functions and commands that appeared in AMS versions newer than 2.05.

Unfortunately, Complete only works on the Home Screen. I don't know whether it would have been feasible to have Complete work in other apps such as the Program Editor and Y= Editor, but it would have been really nice to be able to have auto-completion in other apps.

If you do a lot from the Home Screen, and maybe even if you only do a little, Complete is definitely worth a try. I've been using it for a few weeks now, and it's not something I will want to give up.

Note: Before using a TSR like this, be sure to get and install HW3Patch or h220xtsr first if you have a Hardware 2.00 or higher TI-89; otherwise, you may experience stability problems. With h220xtsr, this TSR has so far never crashed my calculator.

Review by  Wanja Ochs
Reviewed on 2004-09-12
“Complete” is one of the most useful programs I saw for the TI calculators.

Description: Once installed, “Complete” tries to complete everything you type into the home screen. While you are typing, a small window displays the possibilities to type. Then you can select via the [F1] through [F8] keys a command, or continue to type. When the program is sure of what you want, it pastes the rest of the command into command line. You only have to press the right button to accept the suggestion, or just type your next letter to discard.

Advantages: “Complete” knows all mathematic functions available on the calculator, as well as your directory contents. That means, you can use it as some sort of shell with quick file access. If you miss a keyword, there is the option to add it via text file. Furthermore, it saves your thinking energy to spend it on the essential things (Now, what did I name that file...?)

(Minor) Disadvantages: The program doesn't know the calculator commands (every command which does not need brackets '(),' i.e. is not a function). This is not really a problem, as you can add keywords yourself. In very seldom cases, the program interrupts your typing flow, as you have to hit [Esc] to prevent the program from inserting something you don't want, but that is it.

Review by  Joel Thompson
Reviewed on 2004-03-27
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Another very useful program for the 68k calculators. I use complete as an alternative to some other graphical user interfaces (e.g., the Var-Link Menu). This program has a permanent spot on my calculator and I make use of it almost every time I use my calculator, namely because it simplifies getting many expressions onto the command line. Once you get used to it, it will doubtlessly improve your efficiency on your calculator.

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