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ROCK Music Pics


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Filename rockmusic.zip (Download)
Title ROCK Music Pics
Description This zip file contains 50 calculator files (.8xp) that run in the Rigview prgm that runs in MirageOS. The bands represented with these pictures are: 2 Live Crew, AFI, Andrew Wk, Annihilator, Bowling For Soup, Bad Religion, Black Sabbath, DROWNING POOL, Fountains of Wayne, Green Day, GUNS N' ROSES, Jet, Joan Jett, Metallica, Motley Crue, Nirvana, Nofx, Offspring, Pantera, Puddle of Mudd, Papa Roach, Rick James, Saliva, Shinedown, Skindred, Slipknot, Static-X, Sugar Ray, Switchfoot, System of a Down, Taking Back Sunday, VELVET REVOLVER, the VINES & some misc pics that are related to rock music.
Author Michael Bear (silvertip257@ss.ticalc.org)
Category TI-83/84 Plus Assembly Images (MirageOS)
File Size 930,817 bytes
File Date and Time Thu Sep 16 00:34:36 2004
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? No



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Archive Contents
Name Size
MIRAGEOS (v1.2).8XK   38300
rigviewpics.zip   480862
ROCK music gen/2LIVEBA.8XP   1112
ROCK music gen/AFIBAND.8XP   1236
ROCK music gen/AFIBKGD.8XP   1246
ROCK music gen/ANDWK.8XP   852
ROCK music gen/ANNIHBA.8XP   1189
ROCK music gen/ANNIHIL.8XP   414
ROCK music gen/B4SOUP.8XP   885
ROCK music gen/BADRELG.8XP   685
ROCK music gen/BADRELL.8XP   1336
ROCK music gen/BLKSABB.8XP   1443
ROCK music gen/DPBAND.8XP   1430
ROCK music gen/DPLOGO.8XP   751
ROCK music gen/FOWAYNE.8XP   877
ROCK music gen/GDAYBAN.8XP   1216
ROCK music gen/GDAYBD2.8XP   1110
ROCK music gen/GNROSES.8XP   1197
ROCK music gen/GNRSESL.8XP   1012
ROCK music gen/GRNDAY.8XP   897
ROCK music gen/GTARIST.8XP   793
ROCK music gen/JETGETB.8XP   1121
ROCK music gen/JJETTRK.8XP   951
ROCK music gen/JJETTSQ.8XP   791
ROCK music gen/METALCA.8XP   1395
ROCK music gen/MOTCRUE.8XP   1302
ROCK music gen/MTLFCHK.8XP   852
ROCK music gen/MTLORIG.8XP   327
ROCK music gen/NIRVANA.8XP   290
ROCK music gen/NOFXTSH.8XP   1267
ROCK music gen/NRVANAB.8XP   1162
ROCK music gen/OSPRNGS.8XP   821
ROCK music gen/PANTERA.8XP   688
ROCK music gen/POMBAND.8XP   1451
ROCK music gen/POMLOGO.8XP   837
ROCK music gen/PROACH.8XP   1128
ROCK music gen/RCKHARD.8XP   700
ROCK music gen/RKJAMES.8XP   1078
ROCK music gen/SALIVA.8XP   1114
ROCK music gen/SHNDOWN.8XP   1352
ROCK music gen/SHNDWN2.8XP   1165
ROCK music gen/SKNDRED.8XP   506
ROCK music gen/SLPKNOT.8XP   1483
ROCK music gen/SLPKNTM.8XP   1227
ROCK music gen/STATICX.8XP   777
ROCK music gen/STATXSP.8XP   548
ROCK music gen/SUGRAY.8XP   1199
ROCK music gen/SWCHFOT.8XP   1269
ROCK music gen/SYSTMDN.8XP   1395
ROCK music gen/TBSUNDA.8XP   1342
ROCK music gen/VELREV.8XP   851
ROCK music gen/VINES.8XP   775
ROCK music pix/2 Live Crew.jpg   3892
ROCK music pix/31_Sugar Ray.jpg   4254
ROCK music pix/afi band.jpg   5442
ROCK music pix/afi bkgrnd.jpg   6445
ROCK music pix/andrew wk bleeding.jpg   3066
ROCK music pix/annihilator logo.jpg   1708
ROCK music pix/annihiliator band members.jpg   4821
ROCK music pix/bad religion blk bkgrnd.jpg   4109
ROCK music pix/bad religion logo (square).jpg   4038
ROCK music pix/black sabbath members.jpg   3975
ROCK music pix/bowling for soup CARTOON.jpg   5411
ROCK music pix/DP logo.jpg   2467
ROCK music pix/dpool.jpg   4623
ROCK music pix/fountains of wayne (band members).jpg   15554
ROCK music pix/green day (the 3 members).jpg   3018
ROCK music pix/greenday 3 members.jpg   4256
ROCK music pix/greenday logo.jpg   4631
ROCK music pix/guitarist.jpg   3227
ROCK music pix/guns n' roses members.jpg   15367
ROCK music pix/guns n' roses th.jpg   5514
ROCK music pix/jet -get born- cover.jpg   19264
ROCK music pix/joan jett -i love rock & roll-.jpg   3035
ROCK music pix/joan jett (square).jpg   3027
ROCK music pix/metallica bkrgnd..jpg   7803
ROCK music pix/metallica firey - chick 2.jpg   138977
ROCK music pix/metallica original.jpg   1620
ROCK music pix/motley crue members.jpg   4437
ROCK music pix/nirvana (blk bkgrnd).jpg   1425
ROCK music pix/nirvana members.jpg   2789
ROCK music pix/NOFX t shirt.jpg   5234
ROCK music pix/offspring (firey skull).jpg   4086
ROCK music pix/pantera logo.jpg   3104
ROCK music pix/papa roach.jpg   4563
ROCK music pix/puddle of mudd LOGO.jpg   2381
ROCK music pix/puddle of mudd.jpg   21480
ROCK music pix/rick james -80's singer-.jpg   3080
ROCK music pix/rock hard.jpg   1846
ROCK music pix/saliva.jpg   3817
ROCK music pix/shinedown wallpaper (blk w- red s).jpg   3762
ROCK music pix/shinedown wallpaper (blue).jpg   6706
ROCK music pix/skindred (square).jpg   4366
ROCK music pix/slipknot bkgrnd.jpg   6479
ROCK music pix/slipknot masks.jpg   5671
ROCK music pix/static-x splash pic.jpg   3547
ROCK music pix/static-x.jpg   5317
ROCK music pix/switchfoot band members.jpg   5924
ROCK music pix/system of a down.jpg   18777
ROCK music pix/taking back sunday.jpg   3734
ROCK music pix/the vines.jpg   2513
ROCK music pix/velvet revolver.jpg   4367
ROCK music readme.txt   4177

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