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Review by  James D
Reviewed on 2005-10-04
If you've ever played the real thing, this “Rogue” clone won't hold your attention for very long. Only one room is displayed on the screen at a time. This might not be so bad, except that it is always a rectangle. Once you've gone though a room, if you try to go back to it, it will be completely different. So much for dropping items somewhere to come back to them later.

That reminds me; there is a grand total of 12 different items. Actually there are only three really. Each item has 4 upgrades to it that all behave exactly the same. There are potions, but instead of the unpredictable wildcards they usualy are, they only heal you in battle.

The enemies are randomly generated and always move directly at you. No clever strategies hiding in tunnels and throwing stuff at them apply – there are no tunnels and you can't throw things. When you move to attack them, a battle system appears, much like “Final Fantasy”.

Decidedly not “Rogue”. I love the real Rogue, but this game is has a long way to go before it comes even close.

Review by  Lonely TZacs
Reviewed on 2004-03-04
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

Ok, to start off, I love this game. The speed is awesome, the battle screen great. I love the random generator for items, weapons, armor, enemies, and the room generator. I did not see anything wrong out of this game. No bugs or errors, the way a game should be. This game could be the next DnD or Castle of the Winds. So my review of the game.

Game itself: 10/10 Perfect

Chance of winning POTY: 10/10

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