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Review by  John Smith
Reviewed on 2009-05-25
Void Pack does what it says, but it's not very much. You can find other versions of these games that are just as good or better. Fall down freezes after a while, and the other two games simply are not very fun. If you really want these games, I'd recommend searching for the individual games.

Review by  Allen Miller
Reviewed on 2006-08-11
“Void Pack” is a fun way to entertain yourself during car rides, school, and other low-energy points in the day. It is very much like “PuzzPack”, except it features only three games instead of four. At 16k bytes, It's rather large, and I wouldn't recommend the app to any 83+ user, but on a Silver Edition or 84+, the space consumption is minimal.

Games - 6/10 Some improvement in the area would be nice.
Bugs - 10/10 “Void Pack” has never crashed on me.
Graphics - 7/10 The games featured are simple, not requiring advanced gfx.
Overall - 23/30 Not a bad score, but I would like to see better games.

Review by  Shengzhi Li
Reviewed on 2004-06-22
Like the description says, “Void Pack” has three games: “Falldown,” “Knight Moves,” and “Rogue Runner.” The “Falldown” game in this pack isn't that great. After thirty seconds, it starts repeating a pattern over and over, and it gets really boring. In “Knight Moves,” you move your knight on a chessboard and try to move onto all the squares before you get stuck. This is a fun game if you just have a minute or two. In “Rogue Runner”, you move your person around screen to enter the door at the other side. There are walls, but you have axes and scrolls to help you out. There are also enemies that kill you when you touch them. The number of enemies increases with each level. This game is okay, but sometimes it is impossible and other times you die as soon as the game starts.

Overall I'd give this game a 4/10. The games are okay, but the 16K file size is just too large for me.

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