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Sorbo's Quest v2.1.1


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Filename e4.zip (Download)
Title Sorbo's Quest v2.1.1
Description A graphical role playing game. Required libraries: flib, gray4lib, hufflib.
Author Don Barnes (dbarnes@calc.org)
Category TI-92 Assembly Games (Fargo II)
File Size 20,359 bytes
File Date and Time Mon Jul 6 11:54:21 1998
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? No



Review by  Nature Leseul
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 6/10 Lack of variety of gameplay and tedious battles make it get rather old
Controls: 9/10 Difficult to get precision when walking, but hitting F5 to move one pixel at a time helps.
Implementation: 10/10 Great graphics. All the numbers have leading 0's on them.
Overall: 8/10 Sorbo is your friend. Can't wait for Return of the Gaurdians.

"Holy yolks! I'm melting!"

Sorbo's Quest, a fairly well-done graphical RPG, is the fourth episode of something called the Ysplan. What a Ysplan is, only the authors know. To make it even weirder, you'd expect to pronounce it something like "ees-plan," but no, the "ys" is silent, making it just "plan." If this is a trend in Sorboland, one has to wonder if the "sor" in Sorbo's name is silent, with an understood "b" sound at the end, making his name pronounced "Bob."

All thoughts on name pronunciation aside, this is probably one of the best-looking games I've seen on the TI-92 to date. The game is fully graphical, with extremely detailed 4-color grayscale graphics. There's also no noticeable flicker whatsoever on the grayscale, which is one problem with a lot of grayscale games. (Some areas with a lot of gray in them look rather dim, however.)

Behind this incredible face, however, there's not a good deal of substance to the game. The plot is about as cliché as they get - the royal sorcerer has betrayed the king and kidnapped the princess and is going to release the Ancient Boogey Monsters on the peaceful kingdom. There are no dialog scenes between characters which continue this plot; only pressing F1 to talk to stationary townspeople.

The battle system looks okay; each monster has a unique sprite, but the actual battles are rather tedious; you have to sit and press F1 to fight over and over. (You also have Flee and Talk options, but they normally do nothing except give the monster a free turn.)

The gameplay is okay, however, when it's not interrupted by battles. You have a fairly large overworld map to travel, several towns (containing an inn and a couple townspeople - Sorbo's small village of Aquinas is actually th biggest city in the game, even bigger than the King's castle. The total population of Sorboland is about 20), and lots of secrets. There's enough challenge in the game to keep you occupied for a while, if you don't get so frustrated with the monsters that you throw your calculator against a wall and break it.

If you liked the old RPGs from the past decade which depended on exploration of the world to make the game enjoyable, you'll probably enjoy Sorbo. If you like the new RPGs which are (in theory) dependent on plots, you'll probably hate it.


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