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Review by  Nishad Phadke
Reviewed on 2010-11-19
PRO: Extremely fast and error-free. Recommended for use, but it uses up a good amount of memory (though archiving can solve this problem). The formatting is easy to get used to.

CON: Because this program is written in ASM, you cannot abort the factorization without pulling the batteries, so if you input an insanely high number (a prime number over 20 trillion), you could be waiting a while. Do your best not to.

Review by  Kevin M
Reviewed on 2004-08-28
Speed: 11 (out of 10!)
Easy of use: 9
Interface: 8
Size: 7 (is it still worth it? if you need the power, definitely!)
*************************Overall: 9.75*************************
When I first tried this program, I thought it would take as much time as it takes for a typical prime factoring program (for example, factors of 24=2^3*3^1). Yet, as soon as I tried this program out with a huge number (like 13700003), it was INCREDIBLE! I could not believe how fast it completed testing. The results were displayed in matrix form, which I found relatively easy to read once you got used to it.

The reason this program is so fast (faster than any program on any TI calculator except the 89, according to the author), is because years of time were spent to devise a system to test for and "guess" where primes may be. Although the program is relatively large in size, it is well worth it if you need high power prime testing.

What could this program work on? Nothing in terms of speed which I could think of. The interface was fine, not too elegant (which is a waste of space) or too cryptic. The output could be a little clearer (like using exponents to show the powers of the primes rather than using a matrix), but it is definitely sufficient.

So, anyone who needs a powerful, high speed prime factorization program, try out “Fatest Prime Program.”

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