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Review by  Ben Nagy
Reviewed on 2007-12-12
Dying Eyes is a great game, right up there with the Illusiat series. However, due to some of its shortcomings, it just doesn't quite hit the mark.

First of all, the graphics are amazing. It looks like it could easily be a way better graphical version of the early Final Fantasy games in black and white.

However, where Final Fantasy had this perfected, Dying Eyes just seems to take way too much time leveling. And, in the level hierarchy, you always seem to jump: One level, the dungeon monsters can kill you in one hit, the next they do practically nothing, and you can do one hit KOs on them. But it takes so long to get to that next level.

Great game, worth your time, but just be warned: you are going to take a lot of time leveling that you could be doing something else.

The story is great, the animations/graphics are great, the leveling needs a little work, but other than that, this is an amazing game!

Speed: 6/10

Too much time leveling up

Gameplay: 8/10

Leveling up gets repetitive

Replay: 5/10

Just wasn't the same

Graphics: 10/10

Incredible, load quickly

Resources: 7/10

Great use of resource space

Overall: 7/10

Good game, but again, some things need to be worked on.

Review by  Gabriel Rath
Reviewed on 2006-12-21
"Dying Eyes" is one of the best RPGs I have ever seen. The battle graphics a super and the storyline is interesting (although it does tend to have some language).

Controls: 9/10 Easy to use, but there are so many menus... plus, the game keeps on switching from 2nd to Enter back to 2nd....

Gameplay: 9/10 Pretty good battle system, although I hate being almost invincible if you get rune armor in the beginning.

Storyline: 10/10 Pretty interesting, though the two different endings after you beat the final boss are basically no different.

Overhead Graphics: 7/10 Brings down the game experiance. The only good thing is that I can clearly distinguish what is what on the map.

Battle Graphics: 10/10 The reason I split the graphics into two sections is that the battle graphics leave the overhead graphics in the dust. They are just plain awesome! Not only are they 3rd person, but all the spells have stupendous graphics (not all games have spell animations).

Overall: 9/10 Some adjustments here and there and it will be the perfect calculator RPG.

Review by  Roberto Sanchez
Reviewed on 2006-08-02
“Dying Eyes” is a true treasure. It is the best RPG for the 83/84+ calculators. It has great gameplay. During battle, you can choose to slash the opponent with your sword, blast them with a spell, improve yourself with a skill, or refresh yourself with an item. You can also choose to run away if you're about to be killed. The graphics are fantastic, as well. Each spell and skill has its own unique graphics that reflect the power of the spell. The storyline is somewhat nonlinear, which can make it confusing to get from one part of your quest to another. The world you explore is massive, but it's sometimes easy to get lost.

The bad thing about this game is its massive size! It only leaves me with around 200 RAM when unarchived. Because of this, I have to garbage collect almost every time the game exits. What the author could've done to make the experience better was bring the player to the starting screen when they die, instead of exiting the game and making the user experience a garbage collect. Also, for some reason this game was no longer recognized by “MirageOS” after exiting once, so I had to delete it and resend it to my calculator. Despite this, it is still a great RPG that you should play. It will keep you busy for hours.

Review by  Tim Bruhnke
Reviewed on 2006-01-03
“Dying Eyes” is one of the best RPG's ever made for the TI-83/84+, up there with “Contra” and Marc Ryan's “Marc the Superkid” app game. Sure the graphics are a bit lackluster in places, but this is a calculator, not a top of the line PC. But the battle-screen GFX did surprise me a bit; you could actually see the sword swing, not just a before-after type of thing. I try to focus not so much on GFX, but more on gameplay when I choose a game; it is simple, but really makes you think.

I give this a 10/10.

Review by  John Doe
Reviewed on 2005-10-06
“Dying Eyes” is so fantastic, it took me some time to fully appreciate the game. Sure you might get frustrated the first day, but you have to get longer attention spans people. If all games were RPGs we would all be smart, and this game is no exception. So far I try to distribute exp points evenly but its not working- this game really makes you think. If you train long enough, it’s not impossible to beat this game. In fact, the charm of this game is that you can’t expect to win a game just by turning on your calculator - this game is really an experience. Download and play now.

Review by  Matt Weir
Reviewed on 2005-02-13
I read all of the other reviews for “Dying Eyes” and thought, "Sounds like another great game!" Then when I downloaded it and started to play, I quickly realized I was wrong. The overhead graphics were so terrible, it was hard for me to play the game without frustration. However, the battle engine was fantastic and the battle graphics were superb. Also, the plot was non-linear so playing it again and again was okay. Overall, I would have to say that if you are looking at a game for its gameplay/battle graphics, then this is a very solid 9/10. However, if you want okay overhead graphics and good gameplay, etc. then this would only score a 6/10. I myself gave it a 5.5/10 because graphics are a big deal to me.

Review by  David N/A
Reviewed on 2005-02-01
Story-9/10- “Dying Eyes” had a good, original story, and it had me playing almost constantly until I beat the game. I didn't give it a 10 because I didn’t like the endings I found.

Gameplay-10/10- Here is where this game really shined. All the awesome battles, the dungeons, the secrets, were definitely a 10.

Graphics-8/10- The walking around was lackluster, but the battle graphics were great. The spells were great and the attack animation was good too.

Size-7/10- “Dying Eyes” is a hefty 22,000 bytes. If you don’t have a silver edition, this game will make you clean off your calculator to be able to fit it on there.

Overall-9/10- If you have enough room, download this game.

Review by  John Wyrwas
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 7/10 Steep start curve.
Controls: 9/10 Good.
Implementation: 7/10 A little linear.
Overall: 8/10 Hard Core RPG.

I finally beat the first boss, so dying eyes will remain on my calculator at least until zelda comes out. This is a very large RPG, a TRUE one with HP points, experience levels, magic spells, etc. (unlike those RPG construction kit ones) Your character is a little bland because you start out with points to distribute to your different abilities but I have not been able to escape the beginning dungeon without loading up only on health and strength.

After that, the game gets less frustrating and more addicting. There's only a small assortment of spells, abilities, and weapons, only differentiated in their power. And the graphics suck, but hey, there are a LOT of them.

Overall, if you like CLASSIC RPGs and have the space on your calc, download this (22k program). It will keep you busy for a while.

Review by  Charlie Picard
Reviewed on 2004-09-23
I tried playing “Dying Eyes” for five minutes to see if it would stay on the calculator. I ended up playing it for two hours. This game is awesome. Sure, the graphics are a bit lame for walking around, but you get used to them and they reminded me of old computer RPGs. The battle scenes are great! I have downloaded pretty much all the 83+ RPGs and this one has the best, by far. I give it a 9.5/10. It gets .5 off because it is so massive, 22k, and I need to delete all variables and archive all my other programs if I want to play it.

Review by  J D
Reviewed on 2004-09-10
“Dying Eyes” was truly an amazing game. It stood out from any game I have ever played on a calculator. I was completely absorbed into that tiny monochrome screen and was captured by the great story that unfolded as I played. Although it had a great story to begin with, I was disappointed with the ending (I won't say it for ye who haven't played it!). I won't say that the ending was sad or happy, but just that I expected more of a "reward" for fighting through several difficult scenarios and bosses. Besides that, this game is a work of art.
Average overworld graphics, Outstanding Battle Grpahics.
Extemely fun to play, I couldn't put it down. The multiple endings and absorbing, action-packed battles keep the game fresh.
SPEED: 10/10

Usually there's no need to put a "speed" review on an ASM game, but the battle animations and effects were great, and quick too.
OVERALL: 9.3/10
Download “Dying Eyes” if you know what's good for you; it only takes up 22K, and that should definitely be no problem for you 84 owners.

Review by  aaron barnhart
Reviewed on 2004-03-01
This game is a keeper. I loved this game! It was a true example of good TI 83+ gaming. The walking inside dungeons takes some time to get used to because the graphics are cheesy, but the battle system is awesome and the gameplay is just what you'd expect from an RPG. You start by giving your character skill points in different areas, picking a spell, and picking a skill. Then you're thrown into the action. 22,000 blocks may seem like a lot, but you can make room by getting rid of the other games on your calc.

Wow, great job!


Review by  Rodney Blythe
Reviewed on 2004-02-08
Overall Rating-9/10 Superb
Gameplay-10/10 Outstanding
Graphics-7/10 Great
Speed-10/10 Outstanding
This is a great RPG! This game has alright graphics, but the game play and speed make up for it ten-fold. It is very fun because you have the story to complete, plus you can upgrade your experience level to make battling easier. There are many different enemies giving the game some variety. Also there are many different graphical tiles that give this game a wonderful look to it. This game will keep you busy for weeks or as long as your batteries last!

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