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Review by  Joe Stegner
Reviewed on 2004-11-21
Attention span: 5/10 Not much except one car/track.
Controls: 6/10 Turning too slow/up as accelerator.
Implementation: 6/10 Greyscale flickers.
Overall: 5/10 Wait for future versions.

Usually I refrain from reviewing demos, but since more and more programs are being released before being completed, I figured it was only fair that, since the author felt it was ready for demo'ing, it was ready for reviewing.

This is (going to be) a 2d racer with a 3d-ish perspective (if you need an example, check Lotus Turbo Challenge). So far, however, it is just you driving on a track trying to get to the finish line.

The game's mechanics are a little odd. The up arrow is a terrible choice for the accelerator. I could bet more people would rather see the 2nd button accelerate. He did mention that you'll be able to set the controls in the readme, though. Another issue is the turning. The car doesn't seem to turn like a real car would. The car turns very slowly. One more thing I noticed is there was a lot of flicker from the greyscale, and black lines jet across the grass and the road. In the readme it states greyscale with high frame-rates are possible, but so far it has just lead to flicker. Hopefully these issues will be retuned in future versions.

In the future it is supposed to have 20 cars and a lot more features than currently shown in the demo. Do what the author says; download it to check out what it will be like.

Review by  Alex Hahn
Reviewed on 2004-02-01
I might not be a great programmer, but this game is looking really good. I can't wait until the finished version comes out, because just the time trials on this one was really cool. This is definitely a must-have for just about anyone. I know you'll like it if you try it, and you'll probably be just as anxious as I am for the final game. It seems like the only part that could use some improvement is the lack of turns on the course, but other than that, this demo is awesome.

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