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Review by  Travis Evans
Reviewed on 2007-02-21
Evaluation time: 30+ days (Jan. 20, 2007 to the present (Feb. 19, 2007))

Tested on: HW2 TI-89 with AMS 2.09

Pros: Great if you find the default key repeat rate annoyingly slow

Cons: No way to fine-tune the key repeat to your personal tastes

* Stability/Reliability: 10/10

* Features: 7/10

* Size/Efficiency: 10/10

* Ease of use/Usability: 10/10

* Documentation: 9/10

* Overall: 9/10

Recommended: Yes

A frequent complaint I have heard is that the TI-89's auto keyboard repeat rate (the frequency at which keys like the arrow keys repeat when held down) is too slow. It is also too slow for my taste. This program solves this problem by speeding up the keyboard, and keeping it sped up even when the calculator is turned off (many programs like this only work while the calculator is still on). It works great.

There isn't really much that I think can be added to the program, except for the fact that a way to actually adjust the key delay and repeat rates (like some similar programs allow) would have been nice. If you don't like the exact key repeats that this program sets up, it seems you're out of luck unless you edit the source code. I think this feature is essential for programs like this to ensure their flexibility, and this is the only reason my Features and Overall ratings aren't 10/10.

Note: Before using a TSR like this, be sure to get and install HW3Patch or h220xtsr first if you have a Hardware 2.00 or higher TI-89; otherwise, you may experience stability problems. With h220xtsr, this TSR has so far never crashed my calculator.

Review by  Alex M
Reviewed on 2005-08-17
“Fast Keyboard” is a very compact and useful program. It greatly increases the speed of key input, improving the 68k calculator's OS key reading.

FK also makes games written in Basic using getkey() for input run a lot smoother. Overall, Fast Keyboard is the ideal program for anyone looking for a better calc experience.

Review by  Stephen Wang
Reviewed on 2004-07-02
“Fast Keyboard” makes scrolling through menus much, much easier. When I got my first 89, I was surprised at the extremely slow repeat rate compared to my 83+, but this definitely speeds it up. It's also compatible with the TI-89 Titanium - one of the few programs that actually works with no errors with HW3 and AMS 3.00.

10 out of 10 for usefulness! This program is great!

Review by  Joey Gannon
Reviewed on 2004-03-28
For some strange reason, the key repeat rate on the 68k calcs is very laggy. This small and easy-to-install TSR fixes this lag, and makes it so much easier to use the calculator. Scrolling through menus is faster, and no keystrokes are missed. Without this program, I think I'd go insane.

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