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Contributing to Our Archives

We welcome any calculator programs, calculator-related software, or information you may have written that you would like added to our archives. If you are contributing to the archives for the first time, please read through the README.upload file first. Also, please keep in mind that uploaded files must adhere to site policies. Finally, check the Uploading Files section in our FAQ for answers to questions you may have about uploading files.

We use an automated procedure to handle incoming programs in order to make their processing faster. You will need to have a browser that is capable of HTML File Uploads (IE4 and higher, Netscape 3.0 and higher). Once you have one of these you can use our File Upload Form.

If you still have questions about file uploading or the file archives, you can contact us at filearchive@ticalc.org. Comments, requests, and anything relating to the file archives can be addressed here as well.

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