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acroporas (acroporas@hotmail.com

Ranked number 208 in authors with the most files with 24 files.
Ranked number 393 in our list of most downloaded authors all time with 79696 downloads.
Ranked number 1109 in our list of most downloaded authors for the past seven days with 14 downloads.


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File Title Category
afactor.zip afactor TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Quadratic Solvers)
aquadradic.zip Aquad TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Quadratic Solvers)
aquad.zip AQuad TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Quadratic Solvers)
baseops.zip Base Arithmetic TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Math Programs (Arithmetic)
base.zip Base Arithmetic TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Arithmetic)
cubic.zip Cubic TI-89 BASIC Math Programs (Algebra)
etron.zip Electrons TI-89 BASIC Science Programs (Chemistry)
eul.zip Euler TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Calculus)
fastreducer.zip Reducer TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Algebra)
freecell.zip FreeCell v.2.9 TI-92 Plus Assembly Games
freecell.zip FreeCell v3.0 TI-89 Assembly Games (Board)
geometry_.zip Geometry TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Geometry)
grade92.zip Grades TI-92 Plus BASIC Educational Programs
grades.zip Grades TI-89 BASIC Educational Programs (Grade Calculators, Managers)
implicitdiff.zip Implicit derivative function TI-89 BASIC Math Programs (Calculus)
log.zip lóg TI-89 BASIC Math Programs (Arithmetic)
longlat92.zip Long-Lat TI-92 Plus BASIC Science Programs
longlat.zip Long-Lat TI-89 BASIC Science Programs (Earth)
metric.zip Metric TI-89 BASIC Science Programs (Units and Constants)
peg_game.zip Peg Game TI-89 Assembly Games (Board)
pi1000.zip Pi TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Geometry)
pithag.zip Pithag TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Trigonometry)
squareroot.zip square root TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Arithmetic)
standard.zip Standard->slope intercept TI-86 BASIC Math Programs (Algebra)

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