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Number of files 44
Last updated Thursday, 6 October 2005
Total downloads 186,782
Most popular file  TI-80/81/82/83/85/92 Windows format icons with 18,967 downloads.

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73_icon2.zip1k00-10-09TI-73 icon - revised
73_icon.zip1k00-10-01TI-73 File Icon
A icon for the TI-73 (matches the rest of my icons)
80_icon2.zip1k00-10-09TI-80 icon - revised
80_icon.zip1k00-10-01TI-80 icon
A icon for the TI-80 (matches the rest of my icons)
81_icon2.zip1k00-10-09TI-81 icon - revised
81_icon.zip1k00-10-01TI-81 icon
A icon for the TI-81 (matches the rest of my icons)
82_icon2.zip1k00-10-09TI-82 icon - revised
82_icon.zip1k00-10-01TI-82 Icon
A icon for the TI-82 (matches the rest of my icons)
83_icon2.zip1k00-10-09TI-83 icon - revised
83_icon.zip1k00-10-01TI-83 Icon
A icon for the TI-83 (matches the rest of my icons)
83p_icon.zip1k00-10-01TI83+ Icon
A icon for the TI-83+ (matches the rest of my icons)
85_icon2.zip1k00-10-09TI-85 icon - revised
85_icon.zip1k00-10-01TI-85 Icon
A icon for the TI-85 (matches the rest of my icons)
86_icon2.zip1k00-10-09TI-86 icon - revised
86icons.zip28k01-06-16TI-86 Icon LIbrary
Copy a single file and update your registry to install a new 3D Icon for every TI-86 Variable file (*.86?)
86_icon.zip1k00-10-01TI-86 Icon
A icon for the TI-86 (matches the rest of my icons)
89_icon2.zip1k00-10-09TI-89 icon - revised
89_icon.zip1k00-10-01TI-89 Icon
A icon for the TI-89 (matches the rest of my icons)
89icon.zip4k00-12-1089 Icon
Here is an icon which you can use for your 89 files.
89.zip1k01-06-05TI-89 *.89u Icon
This in an icon for .89u files.
8x_icon2.zip1k00-10-09TI-83+ icon - revised
92_icon2.zip1k00-10-09TI-92 icon - revised
92_icon.zip1k00-10-01TI-92 Icon
A icon for the TI-92 (matches the rest of my icons)
92p_icon.zip1k00-10-01TI-92+ Icon
A icon for the TI-92+ (matches the rest of my icons)
92.zip1k01-06-05TI-92+ *.9xu Icon
This in an icon for .9xu files.
9x_icon2.zip1k00-10-09TI-92+ icon - revised
asmicon.zip1k00-09-28ASM Icon - never mistake an ASM file again!!
An icon that has a picture of a globe and it says " *.ASM ". Just set this icon
calcicons.zip5k00-11-2689 file icons
icons for .89z .89y and .89g files
iconics.zip60k02-02-20Iconics v0.45
Iconics is a great Windows Utility! It includes over 75 icons you can use for your .8xp files! Just download it! Look for Zelda DX on my site! Sim City and 20 mario levels are there! http://www.geocities.com/usagaming! Just go there! You will have fun!
iconinfo.zip1k00-10-11Icon Information - A HTML file explaining my icons and how t
iconset1.zip12k03-03-09Miscellaneous 8-byte and 32-byte Icons - Set 1
This is a set a 18 icons, half of them 8x8 pixels (8-byte) and half of them 16x16 pixels (32-byte). They range from a floppy disk to open and closed folders to the TICI 1.0 symbol. Check this out!
icons.zip5k02-05-11mackz icons
Icons for the TI-92+: Assembly program, Data type, Custom type, Expression, Function, Graph data base, List, Matrix, Picture, TI-BASIC program, String, Text type.
iconz.zip1k99-03-30Iconz (2 icons)
Two icons - TI-89 and assembly
kjicons.zip12k01-08-06TI-86 Icon Library II
A library of much cooler icons to replace the standard icons for TI-86 variable files that come with winlink86 (AKA Graph-link software)
save.zip1k01-06-05Virtual TI saved state file icon
This is an icon to distinguish VTI Saved State files.
skin.zip1k01-06-05Virtual TI skin file icon
This is an icon to distinguish VTI skin files.
A photo of the TI-82 in icon format. All sizes.
ti89iconinstaller.zip55k03-03-08Ti-89 Icon Insatller
This is a icon installer program. This program has a complete list of icons for every extension for the Ti-89 computer files and each icon is unique so you know which icon is for what making easier to find those program files. Everything is easy to follow just run the installer and it will work.
ti8xfolder.zip1k05-09-14TI-8x folder icon
An icon for a My (Calculator) folder.
ticalclogoicon.zip24k03-03-08ticalc icon
Icon made from the logo of ticalc, put it on the folder you have all your calc programs.
ticone92.zip4k98-10-07TICONE92 v2.0
A new, graphical, icon set about the TI-92 for Windows
ticons_8x.zip6k05-10-06TIcons 8x
These are some icons I fashioned for the PC using something called Icono Editor, for the files used by TI Connect. I hope you use them and enjoy them. PLEASE read the readme before you download.
ti-icons.zip6k97-07-24TI-80/81/82/83/85/92 Windows format icons
ti.zip28k03-10-23TI icon library v.2
TI.dll is an library which contains 27 icons for TI-calculator files, ASM source files, C source file, Flash Applications and all you want...

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