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cliptri.zip3k02-10-15File is not ratedFast Clipped Triangle Filler
The title is pretty much self explanatory, but basically this triangle filling routine has been optimized for size and speed. The code takes just under 1.2k on your calculator. Especially useful for programmers interested in creating a hidden surface 3D engine.
drawline.zip3k06-09-08File is not ratedFastest line-drawing routine
This is the fastest line-drawing routine for the TI-68k calculators, AFAIK. It uses the Bresenham line algorithm, and it can draw lines at an average speed of about 225,000 pixels/sec. It can draw Black, White, and XOR lines. Thanks to Samuel Stearley for some speed optimizations.
hrzntl92v200.zip1k02-09-27File is not ratedClipped Line Routine
This routine draws a clipped horizontal line very fast (about 8 times faster than most horizontal line routines you'll find). Especially useful for routines such as polygon fillers.
line92v200.zip1k02-09-27File is not ratedClipped Line 92+/V200
This is a routine that will draw a clipped line on your calculator screen fast. A must have for many assembly programs!
rle_decomp.zip62k02-10-24File is not ratedRLE Decompression Routine for TIGCC (Plug n' Play Easy)
Help 4 You...To convert any pic you want for your TI, first find a picture, then resize it to your TI's screen size (160x100 for 89, 240x128 for 92+ and V200). Then use iStudio, which can be found at (guess) www.ticalc.org/pub/win/ to convert the pics to RLE compressed files, with 4 level greyscale. Then use a text editor, preferably one w/ a 'Replace All' funcion, to change all the 'dc.b' or '.db' to commas and all the '$' to '0x'. Then copy, paste, and adjust the code into the '.h' examples I've given. Make sure the unneeded parts are commented out, so that the version will be made for your TI only, It can't compile more than one version at a time with the code i put together (modified from the TI-Chess source). Then compile the project with TIGCC. If you want to make movie clips, a tutorial form example will be made soon :) Will White, will_white25@hotmail.com

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