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Number of files 16
Last updated Saturday, 1 October 2016
Total downloads 37,896
Most popular file  Agenda v1.2 with 4,730 downloads.

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agenda92+.zip15k03-03-09File is not ratedAgenda V1.2
This is an Agenda, which keeps track of you Appointments, Dates and Adresses. Features Password Protection and make use of the new getDate() function!
agendafrwf.zip196k02-06-19File is not ratedAgendafrwf
An program which allow to store information about persons - need flib
agendafrw.zip196k02-06-19File is not ratedAgenda
Un programme pour stocker vos amis ;-)
agenda.zip14k00-08-03File is not ratedAgenda v1.2
A datebook with English, French, and German versions.
grade92.zip6k03-03-23File is not ratedGrades
Keep track of your grades in all your classes. It will give you your grades as a %, as a fraction and a letter grade.
gradecalc.zip3k02-01-01File is not ratedGrade Calculator v1.0
This is a program that allows you to store grade data for multiple classes and them compute it to find your GPA and other useful facts.
nagenda.zip12k02-08-28File is not ratedAgenda
A powerful Agenda for your calc, consisting of Adress Book, Currency Calculator, To-Do-List and Calendar!
organizr.zip8k99-12-25File is not ratedOrganizer Pro
Stores In-Depth information of your contacts.
pda.zip6k02-02-16File is not ratedSalmonSoft PDA
A complete PDA package for the TI-92 and TI-92 plus. It's fast!
planner.zip1k99-08-23File is not ratedSchool Planner
A planner for all of you who are going back to school.
programs.addrbk.zip1k03-11-20File is not ratedadressbook
saubue's adressbook für den TI-92plus. Beschreibung siehe v200-Version
quadformgpa92.zip1k03-05-06File is not ratedQuadForm GPA Finder
Finds your GPA. Now did you really need to be told that???
sch11.zip533k16-10-01File is not ratedSchedule v1.1
Small 2kb tool for the Navigator that keeps track of a list of tasks. You can assign a check mark to completed tasks. This is an update to Schedule v1.0 with 2 extra characters usuable/fixed 2 crash bugs/removed NewProb/integrated graphing display fix for NewProb replacement. Extra FYI texts included. New 2016 V200 compatibility bug fix.
sch1.zip7k01-04-04File is not ratedSchedule v1.0
Keeps track of a list of tasks. You can check off completed tasks and data editing. This is a tool for the Navigator.
sch2.zip6k01-04-04File is not ratedSchedule (student version)
This keeps track of up to 13 different classes each day of the week. Includes date and day of the week. This is a tool for the NavigatorOS.
sched.zip2k99-03-03File is not ratedSchedule Master v5
Keeps track of eight scheduled classes

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