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Last updated Friday, 9 April 2004
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Most popular file  Matrix Reloaded Screensaver with 10,328 downloads.

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anothermatrix.zip4k02-11-20Another Matrix
View the Matrix on your ti-92+!!
artifice.zip43k04-04-09Artifice 0.71 GPL
Fireworks demo, done for the programming contest on TI-FR in may 2000.
dietsche_matrix.zip299k03-05-22The Matrix Screen Saver
This is a TSR Event Hook. It is meant as a follow up to my Sample TSR Event Hook. This demonstrates some slightly more advanced methods... It is a real screen saver with a delay, password, gray scale graphics and more. Once installed, the screen saver will activate after your calculator has been idle for the amount of time you specify.
matrixreloaded.zip5k03-05-26Matrix Reloaded Screensaver
The Matrix Reloaded Screensaver provides a very realistic emulation of the matrix code seen in the movies. It features its own character set, grayscale graphics, multiple layers, and fast scrolling.
saver2.zip2k01-03-11eSaver #2 -- Shifty
A new eSaver that will shift rectangles of your current screen around until your display is quite garbled (uses 16x16 squares to maximize the effect and minimize the size). Hope that you have fun with it.

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