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Last updated Tuesday, 29 March 2005
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kernelfolder TI-92 Plus Assembly Math Programs (Kernel)
baseconvbin.zip37k24-05-08File is not ratedbaseconv
baseconv is a tool for the TI-89/TI-92/Voyage 200 for converting numbers between different bases. Supported bases include binary, decimal, hexadecimal, as well as any other base up to and including base 62. This program works on Voyage 200, TI-92, and TI-89. Tested on a physical Voyage 200. Since I don't have a physical TI-89 or TI-92, I emulated them on my laptop.
pascal.zip5k11-06-19File is not ratedPascal's Triangle
This program returns the given row of Pascal's triangle as a list. This program sacrifices size for speed, so beware. Tip: it can also be used to find the coefficients of a binomial expansion.
twenty_four.zip11k11-06-15File is not ratedTwenty Four
This program solves sets of "Twenty Four" problems, problems in which one is given four numbers to manipulate via addition/subtraction & multiplication/division in order to obtain the number 24. Breaking by means of the ON key *is* supported.
pythaghyp.zip1k11-06-13File is not ratedPythagorean Legs
Given the hypotenuse of a right triangle, this program finds every possible pair of integer legs that yields the given hypotenuse. Breaking via ON key is supported.
isolve.zip23k07-01-07File is not ratedInequality Solver v4.2.1
While the solve function on the TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, TI-92+, and Voyage 200 can only solve relatively simple inequality equations and partially simplify more complex ones, this function can solve most single-variable inequality expressions, including polynomials and multiple equations. Answers can be returned in either symbolic or approximate form and will be output in a way similar to the answers returned by the solve function. -- Version 4.2.1 fixes a bug where incorrect answers were returned if a constraint expression was used with a periodic function that had a period less than 1. Now, all values in the constraint expression are treated as critical points and are used in the range evaluations to improve accuracy.
s2m.zip4k06-10-28File is not ratedS2M
A utility for finding the generator of a polynomial sequence. Takes a variable number of parameters (the sequence), calculates the order of the polynomial generator, and produces an augmented matrix ready for Gaussian elimination to arrive at the final co-efficients. Usage scenario and description at top of source file (tigcc compilable). Compiled for ti89/89t, 92p and v200, verified working on 89t and 92p.
basexto10.zip8k05-12-21File is not ratedbaseXto10
This amazing assembly program converts a number in any base between 2 to 16 to its corresponding value in base 10. And that's not it!, it also converts fractional/ floating point numbers in any base to base 10. The zip file contains the base conversion program for TI-89, TI-92, and Voyager200.
roman.zip7k05-03-29File is not ratedRoman Number Converter v1.3
This program converts Arabic numbers to Roman numerals and back.
ticf.zip61k05-03-02File is not ratedTI-CF Cash Flow Diagram Solver
TI-CF ver 1.0 is an application designed to solve single variable cash flow diagram (CFD) problems in a command line, function based manner. TI-CF was written in C and assembled for the TI-89, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage 200 calculators. Requires AMS >1.01. See ti-cf.gveto.com for more information and updates.
apstatshelp.zip13k04-06-29File is not ratedAP Statistics Review
Scroll through 22 pages of AP Statistics formulas/information, covering most of the course curriculum. Very good review if you are going to take the AP Stats Exam. This nostub program should work on all 68k calcs, including the TI-89 Titanium.
hailbeta1.zip38k04-05-20File is not ratedHail Expression Writer
This program gives the user a graphical user interface for writing equations in 2D.
ecartypp.zip5k03-12-08File is not ratedecartypp
Calcul de l'écart-type sur une population Returns the standard deviation based on a population
implicit_dydx.zip3k03-10-13File is not ratedImplicit Differentiation
This will implicity differentiate and solve for dy/dx. Works on AMS 1.01+
interpolation92.zip8k03-04-01File is not ratedInterpolation v1.0
Interpolation is a program to predict an unknown value(position, shape, population, etc.) if you know any two particular values and assume that the rate of change is constant.
randomvariable92.zip9k03-03-10File is not ratedDiscrete Random Variable
Calculates the mean, variance, and standard deviation of a discrete random variable with n inputs.
quad_equation92.zip1k03-03-09File is not ratedQuadratic Root Finder
This is a simple program to find the real roots of a quadratic equation.
new_inv.zip11k03-03-09File is not ratedMatrix Inversion
This program will numerically invert matrixes. It does this much faster than the OS can.
getnames.zip5k03-03-08File is not ratedGet Names
This is a small program that will search the input for all variable names it contains.
ultconv.zip5k02-05-30File is not ratedUltra Temperature Converter
This program converts celsius to fahrenheit and back, in a format much easier than the built-in one.
mathh.zip47k02-05-11File is not ratedMathh v4.00
This is a math prog that does about everything that is lacking in the calc
pi.zip4k02-03-12File is not ratedPI digits / décimales de PI
Computs a large number of PI digits (up to 30000), creates TEXT and LIST files (assembly program) / Calcule un grand nombre de décimales de PI (jusqu'à 30000), crée un fichier TEXT et LIST (programme en assembleur).
npremier_92.zip2k02-02-16File is not ratednPremier v1.00
nPremier est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92Plus, écrit en C, compilé avec Ti-GCC. Il permet de calculer n nombres premiers.
est1er_92.zip2k02-02-16File is not ratedest1er v1.00
Est1er est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92Plus, écrit en C, compilé avec Ti-GCC. Il permet de déterminer si un nombre est premier ou non. C'est l'équivalent de IsPrime ( ).
g3dplot.zip19k02-02-10File is not ratedg3Dplot
plot 3D parametric lines and surfaces with this program
cumcroiv.zip6k01-08-06File is not ratedcumcroi v2.00
cumcroi est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92Plus, écrit en C, compilé avec Ti-GCC. Il permet de calculer les cumulés croissants d'une liste. Il sera utile à ceux qui étudient les statistiques entre autres.
prime.zip2k01-08-06File is not ratedPrime Number Generator
A nostub,etc math program that will generate all possible prime numbers(when given the time).Includes source.
revlist.zip6k01-08-06File is not ratedrevlist v2.00
revlist est un programme pour Ti89/Ti92Plus, écrit en C, compilé avec Ti-GCC. Il permet d'inverser une liste. ex : {a,b,c} => {c,b,a}.
divalgor.zip7k01-06-22File is not ratedThe Division Algorithm v3.0
This function uses the Division Algorithm to calculate the integer quotient and integer remainder of a dividend.
dioph.zip5k01-06-03File is not ratedDiophante 1° degree, 2 unknowns
This program solves so called "Diophante" equations of the first degree, with 2 unknows (e.g. 23x-47y=5)
mantisse.zip12k01-06-01File is not ratedMantisse v2.00
Float to IEEE 754 (floating point standard) / convertion d'un nombre flottant en norme IEEE 754 simple précision (sur 32 bits).
trigman.zip5k01-02-13File is not ratedTrigMan v1.0
An excellent triangle solving program. Input any leg/leg, leg/angle, leg/hypotenuse, or angle/hypotenuse configuration and using algebraic formulas and trigonometric functions, this program will calculate the other parts of the triangle. Easy-to-use interface based on simple menus. Download today! (Note: Don't let the size of the zip fool you ;)
chgbase.zip12k00-12-04File is not ratedBase Converter v2.0
Very powerful base converter. Convert a number of any base to a number of the chosen base ,bases bounded by 2 and 36. (English and French). Garbage characters bug fixed, new feature : signed conversion.
factor.zip3k00-10-26File is not ratedFactors
Finds factors of a number. Fixes the bug that occured under RPN when factors() was called incorrectly. Also increased the limit to 2^32-1.
primes.zip3k00-09-28File is not ratedPrimes
Very fast prime numbers generator. Also tells us if nbr is a prime number.(french and english doc inclued)
powmod.zip4k00-06-12File is not ratedPower Modulo N
This program calculates A^B mod N, where A, B and N are integers given as program arguments, which may be up to 2040 bits long. Such calculation is the heart of any RSA cryptosystem. This program is written in C as an example of usage of the TIOS big number arithmetic support.

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