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Last updated Wednesday, 1 October 1997
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fchem.zip11k97-04-27File is not ratedFChem v1.0 Beta
Periodic table of the elements database. Allows you to search based on the symbol of the element. Gives you the name, atomic number, symbol, atomic weight, and oxidation states. Required libraries: flib, romlib.
molmas.zip5k97-10-01File is not ratedMolar Mass Calculator v1.2
Calculates the molar mass of molecules. Required libraries: flib, romlib.
poly.zip2k97-04-28File is not ratedPolyatomic Ion List v0.8
A program that lists the polyatomic ions, their chemical formula, and their charge. Required libraries: flib, romlib.
tab.zip23k97-07-16File is not ratedTAB
A graphical periodic table of the elements program. Gives you the atomic number, name, symbol, oxidation state, electronic configuration, and the atomic mass of each element. Includes English and French versions. Required libraries: flib, romlib, hufflib.

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