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Last updated Saturday, 18 November 2006
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physchemsolver.zip1k05-10-06File is not ratedPhysics and Chemistry Equation Solver
This is a relatively simple program that allows you to solve for the different variables with the units of your choice in three equations: Wavelength = Speed of Light / Frequency Energy = Planck's Constant * Frequency Energy = Planck's Constant * (Speed of Light / Wavelength) Check out the screenshots and the ReadMe (please).
physicsolver.zip80k06-11-18File is not ratedPhysics Pack
Includes 138 equations subdivided in 24 groups (Velocity, Acceleration, Forces, Vectors, Motion 2D, Universal Gravity, Momentum, Power & Work, Kinetic Energy, Thermal Energy, States of Matter, Waves, Reflection, Mirror & Lenses, Light Diffraction, Electric Fields, Electric Currents, Circuits, Magnetic Fields, Induction, E. M. Fields, Quantum Theory, The Atom and a Miscellaneous) that can be used with Equation Solver and Manager (eqman.zip, available in my page), all that in 6 KB!
phys.zip1k99-06-09File is not ratedAP Physics B Formulas
Formulas for the AP Physics B test.

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