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constellaltion.zip4k01-03-25File is not ratedConstellation
Il s'agit d'un simulateur de Gravitation. Placer vos corps dans un repere, assigner leur une masse , un vecteur position et vitesse initiale et lance la Simluation !!!
inac.zip108k14-01-30File is not ratedCelestial/Astronomical Navigation
Astnav89/INAC, Implementation of Navigational Algorithms in Computers. This is a celestial navigation program. Will take sextant readings and compute latitude and longitude. It also has a planetarium and great circle calculator, partial coastal navigation and more.
jmoons89.zip281k02-07-23File is not ratedJMoons
JMOONS is a TI-89 calculator activity which uses the calculus of parametric equations to model the moons of Jupiter as seen from earth, either through binoculars or an inverting telescope. After doing the math, students can use the TI-89 to identify moons during actual observations.
magnitude.zip10k02-02-19File is not ratedMagnitude
A BASIC program that converts between different stellar magnitudes for viewing stars from different points in space.
moonecl.zip2k03-03-11File is not ratedLunar Eclipses
Compute, for any given year and month, the times of the possible lunar eclipse.
moonfrac.zip1k03-03-15File is not ratedIlluminated fraction of the Moon's disk
Compute, for a given instant, the illuminated fraction of the Moon's disk.
moonphas.zip2k03-03-10File is not ratedPhases of the Moon
The program computes, for a given year and month, the istant of a selected moon's phase.
orbit.zip1k01-01-22File is not ratedOrbit Solver 89
A program that will calculat Period, Velocities, and Potential and Kinetic Energies of Circular and Eliptical orbits
planet89.zip7k00-03-29File is not ratedPlanet 89
Calculates positions of Sun, Moon and planets of our Solar system
suntheta89t.zip2k12-10-13File is not ratedSunθ89T v2.5
This program calculates solar position given UTC time and location. See the README for full information. This program requires a HW2 TI-89 or a TI-89 Titanium.
weight.zip1k01-06-01File is not ratedSolar Weight Calculator
This programs takes an input in Earth Pounds and converts it so you can see what something of that weight would weight on other planets and the moon.

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