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Last updated Sunday, 17 September 2006
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(Parent Dir)folder Up to TI-89 BASIC Files
agendafolder TI-89 BASIC Educational Programs (Agenda, Homework Tracking, Schedule Programs)
gradefolder TI-89 BASIC Educational Programs (Grade Calculators, Managers)
answer2.zip1k00-10-01File is not ratedRandom Answer Generator
Made for multiple choice tests. This progam generates a random answer between either "A" & "D" or "A" & "E". Useful when you have no idea what the answer for a question is and you can't make an educated guess.
cmaster.zip23k01-02-07File is not ratedCram Master v1.0
Cram Master is a rather simple quiz program that (should) help almost anyone study for a quiz or test. Questions are stored in user-specified data files, but one can always try out the included sample question set on Spanish words ;).
csnotecardeditor.zip36k04-10-07File is not ratedCSNoteCard Editor 1.00
This is a text editor written entirely in BASIC, and very high quality. It is better if used on the TI-89, but works fine on the TI-89 TE. It can underline, center, right align, insert, insert pics, cut copy paste, save and open, and the list goes on and on. The program is small, and bug free. It is graphically oriented. This is very useful for making up notecards in class, then transferring them to your computer and printing. File are compressed when saved to save space. This is a very nice program. Screenshots are included.
fcards.zip83k04-06-07File is not ratedFlash Cards with Practice Test Creator
This is the updated version of a flashcard program. You can have multiple card sets and easily switch between them. All programs other than the one you run are in a folder called zcards so it doesn't clutter up your var-link screen. See the screenshots for more information. If you find any bugs in this program, PLEASE tell me. I don't think there are any and this program has been extensively tested, but there is always a chance.
flashcards.zip1k02-01-01File is not ratedFlashCards89
Allows the User to make and save a set of Flashcards and review them at any time.
flashcard.zip2k02-02-16File is not ratedFlash Cards
This is a program that allows you to make and edit multiple sets of flash cards on your calc. It displays front and back on command and had a random card feature to quiz yourself. Good for all those of you who don't want to pay for hundreds of flash cards.
flashcrd.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedFlash Cards / Word Review
This program helps you review facts, vocabulary, foreign languages, or ANYTHING.
multans2.zip10k03-09-05File is not ratedMultiple Answer
Gives multiple choice answers and stats about them. Based on coding by Angus Cheng (aclif@hotmail.com)
quizm.zip13k06-09-17File is not ratedThe Quizmaker 0.4
This program allows you to make a quiz with a maximum of 12 questions (so far) on-calc. It creates a new program-that contains the quiz-for you. Read the read-me for more details.
quizzer.zip2k05-10-13File is not ratedQUIZZER
one of the best study guides you will ever come across. it generates questions form information that it is given. a must have for memorizing and/or studying for any class. a sample data file is included, so if you are studying polyatomic ions, your in luck.
quiz.zip9k01-01-29File is not ratedThe Quiz Machine Engine
This is an Engine that allows you to quiz yourself on almost anything that has two pieces of information that corresponds to one another. Example: States and Capitals
schoolkit.zip16k05-11-19File is not ratedSchoolKit v.0.45
Now includes a set of probability tools. The main upgrade is in Airbook, now with twice as much data. NEW USERS: SchoolKit is a program useful for Math (Geometry) and Science. Airbook is useful for those in AFROTC. If you have an 83/84, look for SKit83 soon!

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