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A snake is running alone in a maze.
anothermatrix.zip4k02-11-20Another Matrix
View the Matrix on your ti-89!!
A very short film extracted from 'Apocalypse Now', by Francis Ford Coppola. This extract is just before the air attack of the helicopters on the village of Vin Drin Dop (Viet-Nam). It has been programmed in C language with TIGCC in nostub mode. It adapts automatically to the TI-89/92 PLus/V200. Try it !
artifice.zip43k04-04-09Artifice 0.71 GPL
Fireworks demo, done for the programming contest on TI-FR in may 2000.
az00.006.zip34k09-10-09Trip demo
Demo released by the Adinpsz group at MAiN 2009 demoparty (in Arles, France). // Features : 3D textured sphere, 2.5D scrolling road, complete 3D engine with vertex transformations, sound (use a 2.5 <-> 3.5 jack to listen the wonderful soundtrack). // It is a partyprod, which means it has been essentially developed during the 3-days party. At the result the soundtrack is quite awful, and the demo can crash if you do not free enough RAM on your calc. Note : if you haven't a TI-89 or any jack you can watch the recorded version of the demo : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1HvJqNtLps . // Pouet.net demo page : http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=53936 .
badger89.zip25k03-10-23Badger 89
TI-89 port of the Badger swf animation (incomplete)
dance.zip7k04-11-11Dancing Beast
Press 1 2 3 4 or 5 to watch the animations.
dietsche_matrix.zip299k03-05-22The Matrix Screen Saver
This is a TSR Event Hook. It is meant as a follow up to my Sample TSR Event Hook. This demonstrates some slightly more advanced methods... It is a real screen saver with a delay, password, gray scale graphics and more. Once installed, the screen saver will activate after your calculator has been idle for the amount of time you specify.
fastscreensaver.zip2k04-02-17Screen Saver
Quick, zwindowslike screen saver program
A rather pointless program in which a grid bounces around the screen.
hsl.zip19k10-04-20High School Love Demo
Demo released by the Adinpsz group at Breakpoint 2010 demoparty. // Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAB2D31ReQg // Pouet.net demo page : http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=54554 .
jd.zip183k10-03-18JuggleDude 2.1
JutggleDude is a siteswap animator for the 89. It will juggle any async siteswap. The only limit of balls is the amount of RAM on your calculator. Multiplexing is supported, and there is no limit to the number of balls thrown at once. You can define where each ball is thrown from and caught at. You can save a list of custom patterns. There are many different faces and balls to make the pattern more interesting too. Check out the screen shots and readme.
jsseffec.zip41k20-05-20Just some small effects
Just some small effects is a scene demo consisting of small effects accompanied by 2-channel beeper sound.
matrix68k.zip36k02-07-26Matrix 68k (w/ V200 patch)
This is a quickly made matrix code generator, now with a Voyager 200 patched progam included.
matrixreloaded.zip5k03-05-26Matrix Reloaded Screensaver
The Matrix Reloaded Screensaver provides a very realistic emulation of the matrix code seen in the movies. It features its own character set, grayscale graphics, multiple layers, and fast scrolling.
matrix.zip74k01-07-15Matrix Clips
From the trailers.
STNICCC 2000 for the Texas Instruments TI-89 calculator. Made for the Pouet.net ST-NICCC Competition.
A gallery of the most beautiful Porsche. An essential program for those who are fond of these cars, like me ! It has been programmed in C language with TIGCC in nostub mode. It adapts automatically to the TI-89/92 PLus/V200. Try it !
rot3d.zip3k12-05-09rot3d Cube Animation
This is an animation of a rotating cube that I wrote with TIGCC.
runningmovie.zip46k04-03-13Hand Made Movie!
This is the first Ced Movies production to grace the screen of a TI-89. I gaurantee you'll laugh the first, and hopefully the second and third time, you see this movie. All the pictures and animations were made by me, nothing is taken from somewhere else. So watch and enjoy!
saver2.zip2k01-03-11eSaver #2 -- Shifty
A new eSaver that will shift rectangles of your current screen around until your display is quite garbled (uses 16x16 squares to maximize the effect and minimize the size). Hope that you have fun with it.
screensaver.zip151k02-03-10RBP Screensaver
RBP Screensaver, programmed fully in c w/ TIGCC, by William White
This was my first asm program. I just XORs a sprite randomly on the screen. If you stare at it long enough, it can be hypnotic.
tpmanims.zip96k99-09-14The Phantom Menace Animations
3 Video clips from Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.
tpskanim.zip1k00-02-28Top Skater Intro Animation
The intro animation for Top Skater !
triangle.zip4k06-12-30Triangles Screensaver
A little C program that displays two greyscale triangles bouncing around the screen.
Yeah its another cool screensaver, only this time its a triangle.
visualization89.zip10k05-03-09Visualization 89
This is four fun little visualizations to have on your calculator, and they were all programmed on-calc. The visualizations are: Broken, Diamonds, Hypno, and Wavy. I chose not to put screenshots here because that would ruin what you are about to see. In my opinion, Diamonds is the coolest. On-calc source code is included.

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