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Number of files 40
Last updated Monday, 9 June 2003
Total downloads 125,804
Most popular file  Yet Another Shell v1.0 Preview Release 3 with 12,133 downloads.

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anaconda.zip4k99-01-12File is not ratedAnaconda v0.1 - v0.3
A shell with multiple levels of functionality and unique features.
ase090.zip5k98-07-02File is not ratedAuroraShell Enhanced v0.90 with ZShell/PhatOS Emulation
ase10.zip30k98-07-02File is not ratedAuroraShell Enhanced (ASE) v1.0 with TI-82/85 Emulation
bugos.zip37k00-01-09File is not ratedBugOS v0.3.0b
A neat shell witha a comfortable interface, and the option to renaming folders. This is just a beta version, and future versions will include TI-82 and 85 emulation and module support.
byron01.zip3k98-08-16File is not ratedByronic Shell v0.1
byron02.zip4k98-08-16File is not ratedByronic Shell v0.2
byron03.zip5k98-08-16File is not ratedByronic Shell v0.3
calcos1.zip1k00-10-29File is not ratedCalcOS
CalcOS by the author of DinkyShell 1.0-3.0. This shell is small, only 680 bytes. It allows for contrast changing, picture deleting, viewing, lists reals and string variables for easy deletion to keep your calc's free mem up, executes programs, and just about everything you wanted or not from a shell, its so small why wouldn't you want something that could benefit you so much. Its a wonderful shell for doing anything with, it has no conflicts with any popular games or accessories. Has an excellent interface, you can see file type and size, change contrast, delete reals, strings, pictures and programs, display pictures(actually see them), and in later versions view strings, in other words a schedual book!
calcos2.zip19k01-06-21File is not ratedCalcOS v2.0
This is version 2.0 of CalcOS, this has several new functions as well as being smaller in size. The new features include: pressing CLEAR deletes all Real variables very quickly, when you press ALPHA whatever program is highlighted is run on startup, so so you have a program that deletes all the trash files off the calc, it will be run on startup, if you press F5 it displays the equations for deletion. This shell is pretty reliable, I've only had it crash when I run a basic program that uses stop. Those are the only updates, besides it being smaller. It's only 633 bytes which is small for a shell that does this much. Please read the readme for all the functions.
dinkyshl10r.zip1k99-11-05File is not ratedDinky Shell v1.0 Revised
Fixed the display, accidentally sent the wrong file, sorry.
dinkyshl10.zip1k99-10-27File is not ratedDinky Shell v1.0
Dinky Shell is a fully functional shell in a small package. It has many options as stated in the dinky.txt in the zip file. Some options are contrast changing, deleting, shutdown (no password) and program changing.
dinkyshl20.zip1k00-01-01File is not ratedDinky Shell v2.0
Dinky Shell 2.0 Now Released. Now 18% Smaller. 303 bytes and fully functional. Some features file deleting, contrast changing, shutdown(no password), and runs even non compiled assymbly progs.
dinkyshl21.zip1k00-04-09File is not ratedDinky Shell v2.1
Update to Dinky Shell 2.0, it now has a teacher key and a bug fixed. The bug was that I mistakenly told it to goto the wrong lable. BUT now it returns to Dinky Shell instead of quiting, it made me happier and I'm sure all of you loyal Dinky Shell users will appreciate it too!
microsh10.zip1k98-08-15File is not ratedMicro Shell v1.0
103 byte shell by InFuZeD
minishel01.zip2k98-08-08File is not ratedMini-Shell v0.1
Super small 86 shell for 86 programs only.
minishel05.zip4k98-08-10File is not ratedMini-Shell v0.5
minishel062.zip4k98-08-10File is not ratedMini-Shell v0.62
minishel06.zip4k98-08-10File is not ratedMini-Shell v0.6
Not Much New, but 16 bytes smaller.
minishel071.zip4k98-08-11File is not ratedMini-Shell v0.71
minishel072.zip4k98-08-11File is not ratedMini-Shell v0.72
minishel08.zip4k98-08-11File is not ratedMini-Shell v0.8
minishel.zip4k98-08-11File is not ratedMini-Shell v0.9
mse10.zip1k98-09-04File is not ratedMini-Shell Enhanced v1.0
Mini Shell Enhanced v1.0 Many New Features
mse11.zip2k98-09-04File is not ratedMini-Shell Enhanced v1.1
Now Displays A86 Descriptions, and is optimized.
mse12.zip4k98-09-23File is not ratedMini-Shell Enhanced v1.2
New format, faster scrolling
mse13.zip4k98-09-25File is not ratedMini-Shell Enhanced v1.3
New Startup routine, much faster now.
mse20.zip15k99-03-07File is not ratedMini Shell Enhanced v2.0
Five different versions with greyscale, paging, and more.
mse35.zip7k99-04-28File is not ratedMSE v3.5
New in this version: Basic/Assembly descriptions more programs displayed (from 9 to 16)
mse40.zip24k99-10-02File is not ratedMSE v4.0
Newest version of an old shell. This version now had external modules which determine what variables/types of variables will be detected. Modules included are: 86 assembly, 86 basic, TextView files, Z80 source (ZAC), and Z80 include (ZAC).
nshell10.zip1k00-10-10File is not ratedNanoShell v1.0
One of the smallest shells available, at only 77 bytes! Fully functional.
nshell20.zip1k00-11-02File is not ratedNanoShell v2.0
THE SMALLEST SHELL available for the 86 (that I know of). And unlike other small shells, NanoShell clears the screen and is fully functional! Now only 72 bytes!
nshell30.zip1k00-11-23File is not ratedNanoShell v3.0
THE SMALLEST SHELL AVAILABLE FOR THE 86. Now only 65 bytes! Fully functional, including running both BASIC and ASM programs. (Also clears the screen when displaying program names unlike other small shells).
os10.zip25k02-09-09File is not ratedOS vr 1.0
This is "CalcOS vr 4.0" basically, but it is a total rewrite and I just called it OS so that is the title now. Has all the features of CalcOS 3 plus new ones like, returns back and shows same program instead of jumping to the first prog. If you press Clear in any view besides Progs, it will delete ALL variables of that type instead of just reals. It is only 5 bytes larger than version 3.0. Just see the readme for more info.
os_calcos_rewrite.zip25k02-09-06File is not ratedCalcOS rewrite 1.0
A total rewrite of CalcOS with many updates. And compairable in size. View read-me for specifics.
rascall02b.zip2k98-07-02File is not ratedRascall v0.2 Beta with ZShell/PhatOS Emulation
yas0.94.zip32k99-10-06File is not ratedYet Another Shell (YAS) v.94
Yet Another Shell, with 82 and 85 emulation. Also has many other pointless features... This version fixes some minor bugs and compatibility issues.
yas1.0pr3.zip19k00-07-02File is not ratedYet Another Shell v1.0 Preview Release 3
One of the most comprehensive (and best) shells for the TI-86. Features external interfaces and datatypes including Usgard, ZShell, PhatOS, Ion86, ZAC, and TextView support.
yas2.0.zip22k02-02-16File is not ratedYet Another Shell 2.0
YAS 2.0 is a set of resources for shell developers, intended to handle most of a shell's internal workings. Most users will probably be more interested in iShell, which uses YAS as a base.
yas2.1.zip27k02-09-08File is not ratedYet Another Shell 2.1
YAS is a set of resources for shell developers, intended to handle most of a shell's internal workings. Some sample programs are included, but most most users will probably be more interested in iShell, which uses YAS as a base.
yas22.zip31k03-06-09File is not ratedYet Another Shell 2.2
YAS is a set of resources for shell developers, intended to handle most of a shell's internal workings. Some sample programs are included, but most most users will probably be more interested in iShell or the newer KSC, which use YAS as a base.

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