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Number of files 17
Last updated Sunday, 26 November 2000
Total downloads 46,080
Most popular file  HomeWork Book Version 3.0 with 3,988 downloads.

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agenda.zip1k00-11-26File is not ratedAgenda
Petit Agenda
asskeep.zip2k97-12-10File is not ratedAssignment Keeper 2.0
Assignment Keeper, keeps track of your homework.. great graphical menus, even has a screen saver
caps.zip1k99-11-28File is not ratedState Capitals
Gives full state name and capital for selected state abbreviation.
gk2000.zip7k99-11-07File is not ratedGrade Keeper 2000 v1.5
Tracks your grade in 6 classes, calcuates GPA, shows grade breakdowns, includes Goal Calcuator, and more.
gpacalc.zip2k97-05-19File is not ratedGPACalc: The GPA Averager (v4.0)
gpasolve.zip1k97-05-17File is not ratedGPA Finder 2.0
Universal GPA finder allowing students to calculate GPA from their grades
gpa.zip1k97-08-05File is not ratedGPA Calculator
Simple GPA calculator including weighting
grade20.zip4k97-09-26File is not ratedThe Wonderful TI-85 Grade Program v2.0
grademan.zip3k97-08-31File is not ratedGradeMan v1.01
Fully functional customizable Grader. Calculates Stores grades, classes, report cards, etc and comes with a setup program and password protection.
gradepro.zip2k97-10-16File is not ratedGradePro Version 1.4
homework2.zip1k99-09-19File is not ratedHomework v2.1
This is a great program for storing your homework assignments and other notes about school. Don't waste paper -- use your calculator!
hwbook.zip2k97-09-09File is not ratedHomeWork Book Version 3.0
The best way to keep track of all your homework notes on your TI 85
hwp.zip3k00-03-15File is not ratedHomework Planner v5.1
This is that planner again, and it is finally done...on this calculator
planner.zip1k00-05-24File is not ratedPlanner
An uncrackable password protected planner to keep you organized in school or work.
xecon.zip1k98-06-21File is not ratedEconomics X v0.1b
xlator2.zip1k00-11-04File is not ratedLanguage Translator
This is a fully expandable translator for any language. You can add any word you want.
xlator.zip1k00-10-20File is not ratedTranslator
Expandable Spanish or German Translator. Only 2K! You can even add your own words.

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