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Number of files 42
Last updated Monday, 24 April 2006
Total downloads 127,683
Most popular file  Cheater's ToolBox 1.0 for Usgard 1.1+ with 6,148 downloads.

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hexview.zip1k06-04-24File is not ratedHexview 1.0
This program displays all the addressable memory in Hex mode/ascii mode. Read txt included for info
asciichar.zip1k06-04-20File is not ratedAscii Char 1.0
This program displays all the Ti-85's ascii char table in normal and "menu" style. Read the included txt for infos.
batpower.zip1k00-03-15File is not ratedBattery Power Percentage v1.1
lzcompress.zip2k00-03-02File is not ratedLZCompress v1.0
To Compress variables !
ultimate.zip14k00-01-29File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Ulitmate Shell v0.9+-v1.02
This shell was designed to make programming BASIC easier.
imgview.zip34k99-08-24File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] ImageView v1.0
Convert a .BMP or .85I to a compressed image and see it on your calc.
lok85.zip2k99-07-25File is not ratedLok85 v1.01
Protect your Ti-85 with a password
e2bin85.zip10k99-07-17File is not ratedExpander2 TI-85 Driver v2.00
lockout.zip2k99-02-12File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Lockout v1.0
battest.zip2k99-01-02File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Battery Test v2.0
ir_term.zip7k98-11-09File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] IrTerm v1.0
winlock.zip1k98-08-25File is not rated[Usgard 1.1+] Winlock v1.3
Winshell Startup Security Program
ir_phlps.zip5k98-07-07File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] IR Remote for PHILIPS v1.1
rec80e.zip3k98-07-06File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] REC80 Extended Remote Control for the IR Link
Control all device that uses the REC80 in their remote.
rec80.zip3k98-07-06File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] REC80 Remote Control for the IR Link
Control all device that uses the REC80 in their remote.
binlink.zip2k98-07-06File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] BinLink v1.0
Send and Receive data through the link port in binary.
all_phps.zip2k98-06-26File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Test All RC5 Codes with the IR Link v1.2
an update of All Phps v1.1
irchat.zip2k98-06-25File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] InfraRed Chat v0.2
InfraRed Chat and WhiteBoard program for the IR Link
irremote.zip3k98-06-25File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] IR Remote
Inteligent Remote control using the IR Link
usgdcool.zip2k98-05-27File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] Cool Shell v1.16
hexedit_.zip1k98-04-30File is not rated[Usgard 1.5+] HexEditor
Hex Editor
money.zip2k98-04-28File is not rated[Usgard 0.95 Beta] Money! v2.0
sysinfo.zip2k97-11-16File is not ratedSystem Information 1.0 for Usgard 1.1+
cmem8510.zip1k97-11-12File is not ratedClear Free Mem 1.0 for Usgard 1.1+
custcust.zip8k97-11-11File is not ratedCustCust 2.0 for Usgard 1.1+
menulock.zip3k97-11-11File is not ratedMenuLock v0.9b for Usgard 1.5+
medt8510.zip1k97-11-02File is not ratedMemory Editor 1.0 for Usgard 1.1+
expand15.zip6k97-11-01File is not ratedThe Expander SF 1.5 Driver Software for Usgard 1.1+
ultrast.zip4k97-10-30File is not ratedUltra Starter 0.1 for Usgard 1.5+
textview.zip19k97-10-27File is not ratedText Viewer 1.0 for Usgard 1.1+
phonlist.zip2k97-10-25File is not ratedPhone Lister 1.01 for Usgard 1.1+
calculok.zip1k97-10-12File is not ratedCalcuLoK 2.0 for Usgard 1.1+
cheater.zip2k97-10-12File is not ratedCheater's ToolBox 1.0 for Usgard 1.1+
Cheater's ToolBox 1.0 for Usgard 1.1+[2~
time.zip1k97-10-06File is not ratedTiming the Z80 for Usgard 1.1+
safehold.zip4k97-09-23File is not ratedSafeHold 3.0, 4.0, 4.0s for Usgard 1.1+
deturbo.zip2k97-09-12File is not rateddeTurbo 1.0 for Usgard 1.1+
contrast.zip1k97-09-12File is not ratedContrast 1.0 for Usgard 1.1+
portal.zip8k97-08-24File is not ratedPortal v0.99b for Usgard 0.95
ramdom.zip9k97-08-10File is not ratedRamdom Debugger v5.0 for Usgard 0.95
debug.zip10k97-06-26File is not ratedDebug v1.0 Beta for Usgard 0.95
fndchar.zip1k97-06-25File is not ratedCharacter Finder for Usgard 0.95
map.zip3k97-06-22File is not ratedB&W Mapping Example 1.0 for Usgard 0.95

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