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Last updated Wednesday, 8 May 2024
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Most popular file  Cesium with 10,524 downloads.

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cesium.zip43k24-05-08File rated 9.42Cesium
This program is a slim shell and launcher program that has support for running programs regardless of archive status, along with an organized and colorful GUI. Hide programs, lock BASIC programs from editing, rename files and more with Cesium. Enjoy! Version 3.6.7
ceashell.zip85k23-04-11File is not ratedCEaShell
n CEaShell (pronounced like "Seashell") is a new shell for the TI-84 Plus CE/TI-83 Premium CE calculators. It aims to provide a modern, sleek, and easy to use UI, which is understandable by any user regardless of previous experience or calculator-related knowledge. This shell includes many features from popular shells like Cesium, as well as new features never seen before, like OS icons in the program menu! We hope you like it! CEaShell is available in two languages: English, and a French version translated by Shadow from TI-Planet.
monterey.zip70k22-08-19File is not ratedmacOS MONTEREY 12.1 for CE
GrannySmithOS is an all-purpose shell for the CE calculator, which includes convenient built-in utilities allowing the user to stay within the shell to accomplish anything they wish. This shell adheres strictly to macOS Monterey design to the point of having a point-less loading screen that just displays lines of the beautiful white color. PLEASE READ THE README.TXT!!!
phasm.zip276k16-10-17File is not ratedPHASM
** FEATURES: - Works on the TI-84+CE and TI-83 Premium CE - Executes archived (sub-)programs - Executes assembly (sub-)programs (without the Asm( prefix) - Allows you to jump to any Lbl you want by pressing [Alpha]+[X,T,O,n] in the program editor - Allows you to edit archived programs - Built-in Memory Editor: just press [Alpha]+[VARS] to edit an AppVar or the raw memory (PLEASE READ THE MEMEDIT-README) - Languages available: English and French. Feel free to ask if you want another one! ** SETUP: To use PHASM, send PHASM.8XG and PHASM.8XP to your calculator, with TI-Connect CE for instance. You don't need to ungroup PHASM.8XG. Then, run Asm(prgmPHASM) and that's all there is to it! To uninstall PHASM, just run prgmPHASM. /!\ Do not delete or archive the AppVar created during the installation. It will trigger an error each time you will need it /!\ ** NEW: - You'll not see anymore some weird programs like prgmTTEMP in your Program List! - If you choose to set your calculator to French, PHASM will detect it and display French texts - Several bugs fixed (TXTLIB bug, memory leaks, vars corruption) - Added a Memory Editor - ERRORS: You can now choose "GoTo" at an error screen even if the program you want to edit is archived - Optimizations... Have fun!

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