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Last updated Saturday, 5 August 2006
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eulerlneti83plus.zip1k06-05-11Euler Line
This is a Cabri Jr. 2.00 demonstration of the Euler line of a triangle with all 3 verticies animated (2 on segments, one on a circle). It shows the orthocenter (labled "O"), centroid ("CD"), and circumcenter ("CM"), as well as the segment that connects them. Aside from that and the triangle, everything is hidden.
goldrec2ti83plus.zip1k06-08-05Golden Rectangle 2
This is a golden rectangle dissected into many squares and one tiny golden rectangle, showing that a golden rectangle is formed when a square of maximum size is removed from a golden rectangle, and that this process can be repeated forever.
goldrectti83plus.zip1k06-05-11Golden Rectangle
This is a Cabri Jr. 2.00 demonstration of how to construct a golden rectangle and also the constant 1.618…:1 golden ratio of the sides (even though it is rounded to 1.6 on the calculator screen). One vertex of the rectangle is animated so that many constructions, all similar, can be seen. See screen shot.
This is a Cabri Jr. construction that demonstrates what the incenter of a triangle is. It shows both the angle bisectors and the inscribed circle and, of course, the incenter. One point is animated so that the incenter can be seen for various triangles. Everything aside the triangle and that mentioned above is hidden.

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