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Last updated Wednesday, 9 May 2012
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apphysicsc.zip10k10-12-14File is not ratedAP Physics C
This program includes all the equations and topics that are needed for the AP Physics C exam (Both Mechanics and E & M).
chemx.zip311k12-05-09File is not ratedChemX
Chemistry db program with 1. Cation List 2. Polyatomic Ion List 3. Dissociation Rules 4. Strong Acids/Bases 5. Oxidation Reduction 6. Gas Laws 7. Enthalpy 8. Metal Colors 9. Molecular Geometry 0. Periodic Trends A. Molecular Orbitals B. Bonding C. Solubility D. Chemical Kinetics E. Equilibrium F. Reactions I-V
fqapps.zip9k10-11-04File is not ratedFQ APPS
Varios progrmas uteis para Fisica e Quimica 10ºAno Versão 1.5 FINAL

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