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Number of files 27
Last updated Wednesday, 25 February 2009
Total downloads 77,323
Most popular file  CalcMod v2.2 with 13,508 downloads.

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belgium.zip2k03-03-05Belgian Anthem
It's the Belgian Anthem. It can only be used with CalcMod v2.0 or later.
calcmod_techniques.zip160k04-03-03CALCMOD TECHNIQUES
Its finally here! A complete documentation on how to write, create, and compile CalcMod songs! Includes advanced techniques that explain how to different things and how to tweak CalcMod to do what you want. A must for all CalcMod programmers! See file for info on how to add your own techniques to this file. REMINDER: This file is constantly uploaded with the addition of new techniques, so check the date that it was last uploaded. If it is different than yours, youre missing out on new techniques! All new html format with messageboard and song directory (directory coming soon) Last Updated: 3-1-04
calcmod.zip18k01-03-03CalcMod v2.2
A MOD-like player capable of Stereo and Mono sound.
calcwav.zip13k00-09-07CalcWav v1.0
A 1-bit, Mono, 11 KHz wave player for the 83+ (Uses Andreas Ess's PlayWav routine)
canonind.zip1k03-03-05Canon in D
Canon in D composed by Jacob and Richie. Expect more releases from us in the future. We mainly do classical music, but if you have a suggestion, email me.
casper.zip2k01-03-08Music from Casper
[CalcMod 2.2+] Theme music from the movie "Casper"
chance.zip3k03-03-05Take a chance on me (ABBA)
2 versions of 'Take a chance on me'. The difference lies in the bass. It can only be used with CalcMod v2.0 or later.
ffmqmod.zip6k00-09-08FFMQ Last Boss Music
[CalcMod 1.0+] The music for the last boss in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
giana.zip1k05-09-24[CalcMod] The great Giana sisters
Music from the C64 game.
iguss_calcmod_pack.zip17k06-08-05Igus's Calcmod Pack
This file contains lots of new tunes for Calcmod, most of them are music from NES.
kleine_stucke.zip1k04-09-06Kleine Stücke JS Bach [Calcmod 2.2]
This is a Bach song for Calcmod 2.2 or higher.
mariothemesong.zip2k05-03-02Super Mario - Theme Song
Made for ~CalcMod v2.2 or higher~. Melody on the left, accompaniment on the right. Since volume is not able to be regulated, turn down the volume on the right and turn up the left side.
metalman.zip2k05-05-22Megaman 2: Metalman
Background music of Metalman's stage from Megaman 2. This sound file is made for CalcMod 83+.
minuet_in_g.zip2k04-09-06Minuet in G - Menuet en Sol - JS Bach [Calcmod 2.2]
This is a Bach song for Calcmod 2.2 or higher.
A really cool song I made for Calcmod v2.2 that fully utilises the stereo function. Also uses new inc files I developed. See calcmod_inc.zip (above)
quadplayer.zip307k09-02-25QuadPlayer - 4 channel sound music player
Here is a simple player that will play songs with four channels of sound (2 channels in the left earpiece, 2 in the right). 6 song files are included, as well as the instructions on how to make your own.
sm64.zip1k09-01-27Super Mario 64 Ending Theme
It's 1st program that I ever put it here. This is SM64 ending. After this, I'll try to put Toccata in D minor by Bach.
smusic.zip7k01-03-26The Sounds of Music
This is a program for writing and playing music. It supports bass clef, mabye treble next version. Anyway, I can't test the sound because I don't have speakers. Its acutally a pretty nice program, it does (in order) C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C,D,E,F,G
sndtest.zip1k03-12-03sound test
A simple sound program for Calcmod v2.2 that plays all the notes
sonata67.zip2k03-11-19Scarlatti Sonata 67
This is one of many awesome fast harpsichord songs I made for CalcMod. I'll probably be doing more from scarlatti.
spinachrag.zip2k04-03-13Spinach Rag (from FFIII)
Spinach Rag from Final Fantasy III!!!! My all time favorite song!!! Right now it's only mono. Play with CalcMod 2.2 or higher.
starfox.zip3k01-03-08Music from StarFox (SNES)
[CalcMod 2.2+] The end music from StarFox for the SNES
Taps made for the Ti-83+ Clac by Sean Grogan (SeanLetsFlyTwo@gmail.com) For the TI Jukebox by Joe Flint Compiled with the TIJukeSDKII by Danny Rogers (i believe)
stgwesailtheoceanblue83.zip1k05-06-21We sail the ocean blue
"We sail The Ocean Blue" Roger and Hammerstien's Opening number in the HMS Pinafore made for the Ti-83+ Clac by Sean Grogan (SeanLetsFlyTwo@gmail.com) For the TI Jukebox by Joe Flint Compiled with the TIJukeSDKII by Danny Rogers (i believe)
Very nice music I made for CalcMod : the song is from a old computer game I played before... That game has a homepage too : http://www.elmerproductions.com/sp The only problem is that my song is about 22k so you need to have your RAM free if you want to listen to it ... *sigh*
vicmarch.zip1k01-05-31The Victors March
Since I've seen there aren't many Calcmod songs, I decided to make one.
wizardry.zip1k05-09-24[CalcMod] Wizardry
Music from the C64 game.

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