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Last updated Thursday, 29 September 2011
Total downloads 58,782
Most popular file  Piano83 v2.1 with 7,937 downloads.

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calcwav.zip14k00-09-08CalcWav v1.0
A 1-bit, Mono, 11 KHz wave player for the 83+ (Uses Andreas Ess's PlayWav routine)
cmsongpk.zip1626k05-06-18CalcMod Song Pack for MOS and ION
This is a collection of about 12 minutes of stereo songs for CalcMod. They are very good and are either from games, (such as FF3) of my own composition, or of unknown origin. Enjoy!
davysongs.zip5k03-09-08Songs created by davy a.
Hello, I made some Belgium songs for minitune player. Like kortjakje broeder jacob and many others. The size is pretty small but these are my first songs. See readme for more information!
foryoup.zip1k01-05-31I'll Be There for You
Theme song from Friends for TI-Jukebox.
godrest.8xp1k02-03-03God Bless
Hmm.. its kinda late but here's the Christmas song god bless ye merry gentlemen.. (lol)
icecap.zip41k01-06-05Ice Cap Zone Music from Sonic 3
This is the music from the Ice Cap Zone level from Sonic The Hedgehog 3 converted to CalcWav 1.0! This song has 2 parts, play each part separately. (This is because of RAM limitations on the TI-83+. Unzip the file and simply upload the program (8xp) to your calc. Run CalcWav and play it!
marimbap.zip1k02-02-27[TI Jukebox] - "Rachel's Marimba"
This is a rendition of a marimba scale that I've ported for the calculator. There is a rather long story behind it...
megamusic.zip2k11-09-29Some Megaman Musics for Calcmod 2.2
Just as title says: some megaman musics for calcmod 2.2 It includes: Splash Woman Blizzard Man Pharaoh Man Snake Man
minitune.zip121k03-03-10MiniTune Player
At last, a tune player with some songs written for it - 75 of the beasts are included with this program! Using the routines by Dhordain Florent (they are also used in CalcMod) and his songs, I have added a fresh and funky GUI and file-searching system. Contains all the tools needed to make your own songs... (even instructions) so song making is a doddle. This runs in either MirageOS or Ion.
mmfinal.zip1k01-04-18Mega Man 1 - Final Boss Theme
A very good song that uses TI-jukebox. It simulates 2 notes at a time, and is about 30 seconds long!
musiccol.zip2k04-02-17D.j.'s Music
By: Bluefire just a little collection of songs i made out of boredom, this is an updated colection of 3 songs:This Zip includes the songs: Ode to joy Freres Jacques Drunken sailor with a readme for tiJUKEBOX
ocarina83p.zip203k05-07-13Ocarina 83
Ocarina 83 is a piano-type program for your calculator. It uses prerecorded sound for the notes when you play.
piano83.zip7k01-12-16Piano83 v2.1
A progam that turns your TI-83 or TI-83+ into a musical keyboard.
realplay.zip11k00-10-01Real Player 83+
A song player for Ion. Better gui than other music players for Ion.
tijuke.zip13k01-02-10TI Jukebox
A music player for ion, with 8 songs. (Formally Real Player)
wombat83p.zip1k02-04-23[TI Jukebox] - "There Is A Wombat On The Roof"
A weird little song that sounds like video game music. Composed by Neal Wiley, and programmed by Joey Gannon.

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