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Last updated Thursday, 4 November 2004
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crazy.zip5k04-06-11File is not ratedCrazy Megacar level
this level is absolutly crazy! When you think you have to turn one way, you actually have to turn the other and the track is very narrow making it very hard! turns are very sharp and the poles ae in some hard places. I just figured out how to do screenshots so take a look at it! Many more tracks with screenshots are on the way!
dust1.zip6k03-07-04File is not ratedDust1 Megacar Track
This is a track for the game Megacar. The edges of the track are very smooth. Look at the screen shot to see the full track layout.
grand83.zip1k04-06-07File is not ratedGRAND Megacar Track
This track truly is grand! It is quite difficult even for me! You will probably hate me after this level because of the sharp turns and difficult poles. Have fun! (But please don't hate me!)
mcmushroomcup.zip48k04-07-09File rated 3.28MARIO KART SUPER CIRCUIT pack 1
Is it true? Could it be? YES!! Mario kart has come to the 83+ in the form of a megacar track!!
megacarjcpack1.zip12k04-11-04File is not ratedJC's Megacar Pack1
4 tracks i've created to begin with. Finally getting back into doing something with my calculator, I figured why not mess with the simple level editor for a good game like this. I basically use photoshop and then cut the image to a monochrome bitmap to get an interesting appeal. Enjoy and rate please.
megacarlevelpack1.zip1k04-06-11File is not ratedMegacar level set 1
this is my first level set for the 83 plus game megacar it includes 2 levels a figure 8 and a cats eye type level.
megacarlevelpack2.zip1k04-06-11File is not ratedMegacar Level Set 2
This is my second level set for the TI-83 plus game Megacar. This one includes 3 levels, an Offroad level, a Rounded off square level, and a black widow hourglass level.
megacarlevelpack4.zip1k04-06-17File is not ratedMegacar Level Set 4
This is a highly detailed level set for the TI-83 Plus version of Megacar. This will Probably be my last Non-themed level set for megacar.
megacarlevels3.zip1k04-06-11File is not ratedMegacar Level set 3
this is my third level set for megacar 83 plus. it includes more interesting courses than the others.
ninlevelpack2.zip2k04-07-03File is not ratednintendo level pack 2
an update to my first
nintendoseries.zip1k04-06-17File is not ratedNintendo Level Set
This Is my first themed level set for Both the TI-83/89 Megacar Game. This set includes 3 Detailed Nes themed levels for megacar.If your looking for a good level set, your in the right place, If not, the princess is in another castle.
obstacle.zip5k03-08-07File is not ratedObstacle Course with Crossing
A basic track with a crossing and obstacles such as rocks, signs, and gates. Look at the screenshot for the full track layout.
offrd83.zip1k04-06-04File is not ratedOff Road Track
my second megacar track. It is challenging.
omegatk83.zip1k04-06-04File is not ratedomega track
my first megacar track with many more to come It is in th shape of the omega symbol
smkartset183p.zip4k04-08-03File is not ratedSuper Mario Kart Set 1
This set of five Megacar levels remakes the tracks of the Mushroom Cup from the NES game Super Mario Kart. Starting line, shortcuts, and turns are all remade exactly from the game. This set is the first in a series of 4.
smkartset283p.zip5k04-08-03File is not ratedSuper Mario Kart Set 2
This set is the second in the series, remaking the five Flower Cup Tracks of the classic NES game Super Mario Kart.
smkartset383p.zip5k04-08-24File is not ratedSuper Mario Kart Set 3
This is set number 3 in the series, remaking the Star Cup of Super Mario Kart, including Koopa Beach 1, Choch Island 1, Vanilla Lake 1, Bowser Castle 3, and Mario Circuit 4.
smkartset483p.zip5k04-08-26File is not ratedSuper Mario Kart Set 4
The fourth and final set in the series, a duplicate of the Special Cup, including Donut Plains 3, Koopa Beach 2, Ghost Valley 3, Vanilla Lake 2, and the infamous Rainbow Road!
superior83.zip73k04-07-09File is not ratedSUPERIOR 20 TRACK MEGAPACK!!!!
Well, it's finally here. The ultimate tracks for the TI83+ megacar. Every single track is origional. AND THERE ARE 20 TRACKS:):):):):)! That makes this levelpack the biggest megacar levelpack for the TI83+. You will have a very hard time with some of the harder tracks, but none of them are impossible!(Trust me, I tested them all!) I even included a readme with this one and 4 cool screenshots :), one of which is shown below in the file info page. This pack will definatly entertain you for weeks:)!!! Download today! Also, check out the cool readme.

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