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Last updated Monday, 22 March 2010
Total downloads 35,432
Most popular file  10000 Digits of Pi with 7,836 downloads.

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10000pi.zip5k01-12-16File is not rated10000 Digits of Pi
Finally, a program that will show you the first 10000 digits of the world's best irrational number. Check it out!
anscheck.zip1k04-06-06File is not ratedSAT Answer Checker
This program can be used to check numerical,Algebraic, and Calculus problems on the SAT, it works for questions dealing with equations. If your smart you can also use the program to check more difficult math problems not relating to direct equations.
calcdcs83.zip1k03-04-15File is not ratedCalculator v1.0 For Doors CS
This program lets you do math calculations without leaving Doors CS. Simply run the program, enter the problem, and press [ENTER]. You can continue doing math until you enter 99.999 to quit back to Doors CS. And of course, optimized for Doors CS v4.0 with an icon.
chinese.zip2k02-02-10File is not ratedChinese Triangle
This program creates the Chinese triangle and stores it as matrix [C]. To use, just enter the number of rows and columns you want.
edge.zip1k01-12-16File is not ratedEdge v1.40
Gives an idea of how hard a number is to deal with.
jurystability_83.zip1k10-03-22File is not ratedJury's Stability Criterion Solver
This program computes the Jury's Stability Criterion table given the polynomial characteristic equation of a digital control system. It both determines whether the system is stable (in other words, if the first term of every odd row is positive) and displays the criterion table used to determine the stability of the system. The basis of the algorithm for this program was found in "Advanced Modern Control System Theory and Design" by Stanley M. Shinners, John Wiley & Sons, 1998. It was originally published in several papers including "A simplified stability criterion for linear discrete systems" (Proc IRE 50, 1493) in 1962.
mathraid.zip2k00-01-05File is not ratedMath Raid
A cool math game.
newprob.zip1k99-11-11File is not ratedNewProb
Select the usual settings; deselect functions and stat plots.
palsol.zip1k04-08-12File is not ratedPalindrome Solver
This program takes and inputted number and finds its "Palindrome". A "Palindrome" is a something that can be read in the same way backwards as it can forwards.
reason.zip1k00-03-03File is not ratedLogical Reasoning
Figuring out what logical reasoning you are using. For geometry.
system_solver.zip15k02-09-06File is not ratedSystem Solver
Hello, this is a linear SYSTEM SOLVER in basic language...
truth.zip2k04-09-13File is not ratedTruth
This program creates a truth table given a Boolean expression. This truth table can be useful when simplifying the expression. It can take up to 3 variables, X, Y, and Z. You can use the logical AND, OR, NOT, and XOR operators under [2nd][TEST] or the equivalent + for OR and * for AND.

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