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Number of files 5
Last updated Monday, 14 October 2002
Total downloads 9,696
Most popular file  Mega Man 1 - Final Boss Theme with 2,321 downloads.

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foryou.zip1k01-05-30I'll Be There for You
Theme song from Friends for TI-Jukebox.
marimba.zip1k02-02-27[TI Jukebox] - "Rachel's Marimba"
This is a rendition of a marimba scale that I've ported for the calculator. There is a rather long story behind it...
mm1final.zip1k01-04-18Mega Man 1 - Final Boss Theme
A very good song that uses TI-jukebox. It simulates 2 notes at a time, and is about 30 seconds long!
tijukesongz.zip1k02-10-14Mission IMPOSSIBLE!!!! SOURCE CODE!!!
Mission Impossible with the source code included for the other octave.
wombat83.zip1k02-04-23[TI Jukebox] - "There Is A Wombat On The Roof"
A weird little song that sounds like video game music. Composed by Neal Wiley, and programmed by Joey Gannon.

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