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Last updated Friday, 25 July 2003
Total downloads 69,820
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3dtunnel.zip1k01-07-12File is not rated3D Tunnel
3D Tunnel is a game by Scott Westenhaver that I ported to the 82. Phil Software.
camshaft.zip1k98-04-21File is not ratedCamshaft
cars.zip1k98-04-21File is not ratedCars
car.zip3k98-04-21File is not ratedCar
cavelink.zip1k98-04-21File is not ratedCave
deathva2.zip2k98-04-21File is not ratedDeath Valley 2
deathval.zip1k98-04-21File is not ratedDeath Valley
g7.zip1k01-07-15File is not rated--==7G==--
It's 7G for the 82, similar to the assembly version. Ported by Phil Software.
game.zip1k98-04-21File is not ratedRacing Game
indy500.zip1k98-08-13File is not ratedIndy 500 v1.14.1
Try not to crash into the edges
moondune.zip1k98-11-09File is not ratedMoon Dune v2.1
A basic game where you travel down the moon dune, features, highscores, etc.
pitfallu.zip1k98-04-21File is not ratedPitfall!
pitfall.zip1k98-04-21File is not ratedPitfall
racer.zip1k98-08-26File is not ratedRacer
scroll15.zip1k97-08-13File is not ratedScrolls v1.5
speeding.zip1k03-07-25File is not ratedSpeeding
Tunnel-like racing game. Try to stay on the never-ending track for as long as possible.
starfox.zip1k99-11-10File is not ratedStarfox Trainer
Fly through a tunnel or asteroid field in an arwing.
string25.zip1k98-04-21File is not ratedStringy v2.5
tot2.zip2k98-04-22File is not ratedTunnel of Terror v2.0
t.zip1k02-06-01File is not ratedtun (117 bytes!!)
stupid tunnel game
zdropdt.zip1k98-04-21File is not ratedThe Drop
zrace.zip1k98-04-22File is not ratedZRace

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