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Last updated Wednesday, 17 December 2003
Total downloads 74,622
Most popular file  Dragonball Z with 6,770 downloads.

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bullfrg82.zip4k03-03-22File is not ratedBullfrog! (The dumb joke continues)
This is a stick fighting game. You can kick, punch, and that's. There's a little big of strategy, but not much :) All five levels are beatable.
dbz.zip2k00-05-29File is not ratedDragonball Z
This is a fast action fighting game based on the japanese anime. It features multple enemies, great AI, real-time fighting, and unique powerfull attacks!
duel.zip1k98-04-23File is not ratedDuel
fight1.zip1k02-03-04File is not ratedFight!
I can't remember... I made it about two years ago. I remember it is a stick man fighting game... Oh, whatever. Just try it out. :) Phil Software.
fighter.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedKnife Fighter
fight.zip1k01-05-29File is not ratedDAG Fight
A Fight game where you throw arrows at the cal
harshal.zip26k03-12-17File is not ratedMelee Combat with Harshal
You fight Harshal by punching and kicking. Check out the animated screenshot. By BHW Software
kifatals.zip1k98-02-06File is not ratedKiller Instrict Fatality Pack for KI v1.x
Brutal deaths add on for KI
ki.zip1k98-02-06File is not ratedKiller Instinct v1.1
Fighting game, like Stick Fighter without memory leaks
kombat.zip2k98-04-12File is not rated'Fatal' Kombat
lasrfitr.zip1k98-04-09File is not ratedLaser Fighter
megamanvsmario.zip1k02-10-26File is not ratedMegaman VS Mario
This game isn't fanatic, it's a story who tell the battles of megaman and mario. You must do the best scores.
mmf.zip1k98-11-02File is not ratedMegaMan Fighter
mmx.zip9k03-07-25File is not ratedMega Man X
Similar (graphics wise) to Mega Man X for the SNES. It does not have stages due to memory limitations. Includes all 8 Mavericks plus Sigma.
punch.zip7k98-11-04File is not ratedPunch v1.2
saba.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedSuper Andrew Battle Arena
serial.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedSerial Killer
sfturbo.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedStick Fighter Turbo
sonfight.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedSonic Fighter
spartus2.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedSpartus 2 v1.0
spartus.zip1k98-04-12File is not ratedSpartus v2.2
stick.zip1k98-11-15File is not ratedStick Fighter v1.0
82 Basic Fighting Game
tie.zip1k98-04-11File is not ratedTie Fighter
warrior.zip1k02-07-22File is not ratedWarrior

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