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Last updated Thursday, 14 February 2008
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dcsicon.zip1k06-02-02File is not ratedHeader and Icon Creator v1.0 for Doors CS v4.0
This simple yet powerful program will create the hex code for the header to a BASIC program. Using the three generated lines, your program will not only be recognized by Doors CS but will also have an 8x8 icon. Check it out!
encrypt.zip13k03-05-22File is not ratedEncryption/Decryption - Strings!
This encrypts and decrypts strings. If anyone doesn't know, strings aren't supposed to be supported on the 73, 80, 81, and 82. I found an interesting way around that. It stores a value in a list for each character inputted, then encrypts the list. You can decrpyt the list using the included program, which also shows the correct letters. Letters, numbers, period, and space are supported in the 73-83+ programs. Many more characters are supported in the 68k programs. I've been told (only by the best) that this is similar to an old technique, but i haven't seen any proof, save for Matthew Poore's programs (both the same file). It's NEVER really been done before on the 73, 80, or 81 though.
loop73.zip1k04-05-13File is not ratedLoopFile v1.00
memedit.zip1k00-11-06File is not ratedMemEdit/View (Beta)
A nifty little program that lets you view/edit your 73,82,83,or 83p's memory-in BASIC. Using this program you can change program names and other cool stuff. This version is only a beta, though, and is not supported yet.
microsoftbitdeleter.zip1k08-02-14File is not ratedMicrosoft Bit Deleter
Microsoft has finally come out with software for the TI-73! It's a sneak-peak, but you can test it here!
polar.zip1k04-04-15File is not ratedPolar Graphing
Graphs polar equations. Make sure to type the polar equation in Y1=.
ti_timer.zip22k03-10-19File is not ratedTI-Timer
A Calculus teacher informed me of the Lbl/Goto sec bug on the 68k files. It works perfectly now. Simply read the included .txt file for help and enjoy :-)

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