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Other Accessories

» Electroluminescent Backlighting a TI-85
If you'd like to be able to use your TI-85 in the dark, these modifications will help you install electroluminescent backlighting in your calculator.

» Electroluminescence Backlighting of a TI-86
Michael Vincent created his own method of backlighting an 86. If you ever wanted to be able to play games in the dark, you might consider looking into this procedure.

» IR Link
The IR Link allows you to control infrared devices from your calculator or communicate with other calculators (to play games or chat) over a wireless connection.

» Power Extension Page
The Power Extension instructions will show you how to use AA (instead of AAA) batteries without making any modifications to your calculator.

» SPinTerface Page
» SPinTerface Cartridges
The SPinTerface port is a custom-made modification to the TI-85 allowing the calculator to interface with external battery packs, light flashers, memory expanders, speakers, and other devices.

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