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Newsletter - April 2000

The ticalc.org Newsletter
April 2000 - Volume 3, Issue 4


Letter from the Editor
Calculator News
Ask ticalc.org
Interview with Nick Disabato
Humor: Steve Whittaker 0wn3z ticalc.org


Hello, and thanks for reading the ticalc.org Newsletter! This month, we've rolled out many new features here at ticalc.org. For example, we've reinstated our ticalc.org Features. More on this in this newsletter's Ask ticalc.org section.

We've hit another major milestone here at ticalc.org; we now have over 10,000 files in our File Archives! Thanks to all our loyal supporters who have helped us become the largest TI calculator archive in the world.

The Program of the Month awards will start up again on ticalc.org. Programs will be selected in four categories: TI-82/TI-83/TI-83+, TI-85/TI-86, TI-89/TI-92/TI-92+, and Computer Utilities/Miscellaneous Programs. All programs released this month that are designated as Featured Programs will be eligible.

This month we're interviewing our very own Nick Disabato.

Thanks for reading the ticalc.org Newsletter!

Eric Sun


Hi! This month, lots of stuff has been released. For example, DoorsOS v0.95 is out. This version supports HW2 and all AMS versions.

Dimension-TI and their hosted sites are finally back. Visit them at http://www.calc.org/.

Other notable programs released this month include Virtual TI v2.5 (Rusty Wagner), TxtRider v1.0 beta 96 (Marc Teyssier), and Legend of Zelda (Sam Heald).

Hope to see more interesting programs next month too!

Eric Sun


At ticalc.org, we often receive many of the same questions. In this column, we hope to address some of these questions for a broader audience. If you'd like to submit a question, please email it to ask@ticalc.org.

Q: I want to be on the front page of ticalc.org!

A: That's easy! Email a copy of the HTML to news@ticalc.org. Our news editors will review it and hopefully, put it on the front page of ticalc.org. Assembly articles are greatly appreciated. For more information, contact Nick Disabato.

Nick Disabato


Email: nickd@nickd.org
Web URL: http://www.nickd.org/

Interview Log
Eric What's your name?
Nick Nick Disabato. Nicholas Joseph Disabato, if you want to get technical.
Eric What's your age?
Nick 18 and 1/6.
Eric Where do you live?
Nick A few miles outside of the center of Chicago.
Eric Why do you live there?
Nick Because it rules :) Chicago is one of the best cities out there, but then again, I'm heavily biased. So don't listen to me.
Eric What other sites do you work on?
Nick I work at nickd.org, penix.net, AlphaPython.com, and dotcomma.org.
Eric Some people think you're a senior in high school. Have you applied to any colleges? Any letters back yet?
Nick Carnegie Mellon (top choice): waitlisted; Northwestern: accepted; Washington, St. Louis: waitlisted; Rochester: admitted, given lots and lots of money; Case Western: admitted, given lots and lots of money.
Eric What do you want to major in?
Nick Depends on the college I go to: CMU, CWRU - computer science; Washington, Rochester - biology; Northwestern - biomedical engineering.
Eric Any favorite music?
Nick Too much to name. Smashing Pumpkins, Orb, Orbital.. for my complete list of music, go here.
Eric Do you have other sites you can recommend?
Nick I've been to way too many. Some of my favorites, many of which I hit daily or even more frequently, include userfriendly.org/static, digitalblasphemy.com, penny-arcade.com (props to Tycho! Yeah!), slashdot.org, cnn.com, theonion.com, suck.com, no-such.com/exists, superbad.com, troop474.org, nickd.org, and ticalc.org. In that order. :)
Eric Does time exist?
Nick Impossible to prove. Stop asking me.
Eric Does Paul Drazba exist?
Nick As much as time exists.
Eric Where can we contact you to pander to your greatness?
Nick My email is nickd@nickd.org. My homepage is at http://nickd.org. AIM is BlueCalx84, ICQ is 41168463. I prefer AIM; I rarely use ICQ. I'm on EFNet as BlueCalx in #ti and #dim-ti. Please ask me intelligent things; I tend to get itchy around the "ignore" button. Thanks :)


SOLLENTUNA, SWEDEN - Steve Whittaker, file archiver for just over a month, has "0wn3d" ticalc.org, sources close to the project leaders report on Saturday.

ticalc.org staff member Nick Disabato comments: "We didn't see it coming. All I noticed was "3Y3 H4X0R3D J00"!#)*@#*(!)#*!@()#@" written in giant letters across my screen, and it turns out that ticalc.org was 0wn3d. This was unprecedented.

Last month, we joined the fearless ticalc.org staff when they were presented with a quandary: Steve was slowly taking over regions of the ticalc.org htdocs/ directory, and the members were fearing for the safety of the warring factions.

Over the past four weeks, the Stevian forces seeped in through the cracks to take ticalc.org's Disputed Zone. Says ticalc.org's commander-in-chief Magnus Hagander, "We were going to move forces in to neutralize the dissident militants in the Steve Zone off to the west, but we were met with a large amount of opposition and we were forced to pull back to assault from the north."

"Sadly, our forces were no match for Steve's speed, and he quickly took the demilitarized zone and the Nick Disabato's claim on the northwest."

Nick Disabato is unavailable for comment: as of press time, he was being tortured deep in Steve's private military's catacombs for information regarding the root password.

Nick Disabato


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