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TI Connect v1.2
Posted by Michael on 19 February 2003, 04:22 GMT

Texas Instruments has released TI Connect v1.2. Although it adds minor features such as enhanced calculator operating system installation and app upgrading, the major update is that the USB cable now works on Windows XP! That incompatibility has been a source of complaints in the TI Discussion Groups for some time.

Download it here.


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Re: TI Connect v1.2
yougotavirus  Account Info
(Web Page)

Everyone talks about the linking and whatnot but what about a program editor! Something better than TI-Graph Link, which is STILL in beta for some reason... Most unusual.

     21 February 2003, 03:46 GMT

Re: Re: TI Connect v1.2
Cl0nedB0y  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yea I know. Whats up with that. I really only use graphlink because it like 1000x easier programming in that than on the calc. I use it as a link software mainly because hey its already open

     21 February 2003, 20:26 GMT

Re: Re: TI Connect v1.2
gnorthey  Account Info

It's in beta because a lot of people says it's "betta' " :) I think it's there becuase TI is slow to update the programs in the EP department so they just hadn't gotten around to making a final release before they decided to build TI COnnnect.

I don't see any problem with TI Connect. The transfer speed is good, the interface is very intuitive, and I have never had any problems (I have yet to try the new transfer features for app installs).

What I'd really like to see is a navigator that works integrated to windows, just like inserting a hot-swap hard disk. TI would have to make an OS upgrade that would ensure thatonly TI files were being installed, but the majority of the work could be done via the TI drivers/software in the computer.

     22 February 2003, 16:58 GMT

TI-Graph Link
Devon Connolly  Account Info

Anyone know where do dload TI-Graph Link? I have a HW1 TI-89 so the new TI-Connect doesn't work w/ AMS 2.08.

I have the CD somewhere at home but I'm at school so I don't have it, and its no longer up for dload on the official site.

Thanks in Advance

     3 March 2003, 07:23 GMT

Re: TI-Graph Link
yougotavirus  Account Info
(Web Page)

The link is there but it is very hard to find. Click on the URL.

     5 March 2003, 20:36 GMT

Re: Re: TI-Graph Link
Dvon  Account Info

I get Page No Longer Available... Don't see any link to it from that page.

     27 March 2003, 21:41 GMT
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