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New TI-83+ SDK Released
Posted by Eric on 28 December 2001, 03:22 GMT

TI has recently released a new version of the TI-83+ SDK. According to calc.org, new features include a symbol table view, keystroke recording, and I/O port tracing.


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Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
Michael Vincent  Account Info
(Web Page)

This may have nifty features, but it runs incredibly slow on my computer which is 500 MHz with 384 MB RAM....It's on the verge of unusable. Key strokes are painfully slow and it gets quite annoying.

     28 December 2001, 04:08 GMT

Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
Ding Chavez  Account Info

TI's suck. Get a palm. They RULEE!!!
The Palm Pilot Man

     28 December 2001, 08:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
gorion Account Info

Can they graph anything?

By the way, I do not understand why it would be that slow, but the multiplayer might be nice to work with.

Also, (sometimes) after using TI-Connect, my SE will sometimes freeze up when connected to another calc/computer, but when it's taken out it will resume working normally. Has it happened to anyone else?

     28 December 2001, 08:36 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
Peter Martijn Kuipers  Account Info

I got both,
I like programming for my calc better.

     28 December 2001, 09:57 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released

Did you say the Palm rulee?

Yeah, they are rulee rulee bad. Windows based iPaqs are taking over the scene. Jump into the future man, get out of the past. Palm is going NOWHERE.

(The opinions above are mine and mine alone)

Now if someone could program connect software and an emulator for my iPaq and TI (or your Palm and whatever). Now that would be SWEET!!!

     28 December 2001, 15:38 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
DasBoot  Account Info

Too bad you need a gray cable för the tcp/ip thingy for the 89...

     28 December 2001, 18:01 GMT

Windoze iPaqs?
SHEENmaster  Account Info
(Web Page)

If you want user freindly, use MacOS <X.
If you want overpriced UNIX use MacOS X.
If you want speed, use dos.
If you want security, use OpenBSD.
If you want the best,cheapest os, use linux.
If you want Solitaire, use M$ Windows.

Linux is <b>so</b> better for programming, I have a c++ compiler, along with tilp and cross compilers for my robots on a selftop. The whole system was $112! For those of you who are good @ math, that is less than the price of a single copy of windoze. Not to mention the money a windows user would have to spend on an IDE and a decent compiler. I have the complete source to modify anything I want on my system! You really should give linux a try.

     11 January 2002, 04:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
Robert Mohr  Account Info
(Web Page)

Do you have any teachers that let you use a palm instead of a calculator? Have you used it on any standardized tests?

BTW, I like Clancy too.

     29 December 2001, 03:58 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
BigRedDog  Account Info
(Web Page)

Me too!


     31 December 2001, 20:56 GMT

Chickendude  Account Info

Actually, I believe you can, 'cause there's a kid in my class who uses a Palm...
Anyways, calcs are <b>WAY</b> better.
Calcs rule!

     11 January 2002, 21:56 GMT

Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
Peter Martijn Kuipers  Account Info

I hearrd rumors that speed is a bit higher on the priority list, so maybe they'll come out with a faster version anytime soon.
In the mean time, maybe you'd better speed up windows first.
(fixed virtual mem, as less junk in the background as possible, windows 95 instead of 98 & up, and replace explorer.exe (in win/system.ini) with the sdk's exe ;-)

     29 December 2001, 00:06 GMT

windows xp
undertow  Account Info
(Web Page)

Just because there isn't a general discussion forum here that I've been able to find...

Is there ever going to be a Windows XP option added to the OS setting on your profile? One was added when W2K came out, that's why I ask.

     28 December 2001, 17:44 GMT

Re: windows xp
JoelThePenguin  Account Info

All XP is is a 2000 with Fisher-Price colors and new Icons. Plus, it's a little more "grandma friendly"...

     28 December 2001, 19:43 GMT

Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
Henk Poley  Account Info

Did they also update the PDF file? And can you get that one seperate? The FLASH debugger won't run at my slow machine.

     28 December 2001, 19:37 GMT

Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
Tijl Coosemans Account Info
(Web Page)

Yep, new docs too and downloadable directly from the developer download page.


     28 December 2001, 20:37 GMT

Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
MathJMendl  Account Info
(Web Page)

A major problem I found with this is that you can't download it unless you have a TI-83+. :-(

     28 December 2001, 20:16 GMT

Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
Tijl Coosemans Account Info
(Web Page)

Yeah same problem here :-(

But I also got the "problem" that I don't live in the US, so unless I freak with the address form, I can't even start downloading it :-(

Maybe they'll send it to me through mail if I ask them gently. On the other hand, my PC is probably way too slow.

Guess they still have some work with this sdk...

     28 December 2001, 20:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
DasBoot  Account Info

I filled in ti's adress...

     28 December 2001, 21:12 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
Peter Martijn Kuipers  Account Info

I don't think the really care about the address,
you only have to "forge" the zip code (twice), and you can squish in your
own zip/postal code + country in the other fields

     29 December 2001, 00:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
JoelThePenguin  Account Info

I don't know about anyone else, but the few times that I have tried to download software for my PC/83+ from TI's online store, I have found it extremely difficult to get into and navigate the site...

     29 December 2001, 01:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New TI-83+ SDK Released
Robert Mohr  Account Info
(Web Page)

Once you find the page with the details of what you want, you have to click a link and then go through their online store and find it again. Also, you can't go straight to the online store from their home page (or any of the pages it's directly linked to).

     29 December 2001, 04:02 GMT

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