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Back in business!
Posted by Magnus on 9 December 2001, 14:31 GMT

We have now opened the last two sections of the archives that have been down for review - TI-92 and Mac.

This means that our archives are now back up. We are still working on putting back the ranking lists, featured programs lists, latest updates etc, but expect them to come back pretty fast, since it's basically just a matter of re-enabling things that were there before.

Our list of pending files to update is currently at more than 1000 files. We will of course work to get this down, but please be patient as we work through the queue...

Update (Magnus): FTP server has been shut back down, due to extreme abuse during the short time it was left open. We will look into solutions to limit this abuse, and hopefully we'll be able to open it back up before too long.


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Re: Back in business!
Daniel Bishop  Account Info
(Web Page)

The last date for new files is 09-30.

It looks like the file archive staff is no more behind than normal :-)

     9 December 2001, 21:10 GMT

Re: Re: Back in business!
Barrett Anderson  Account Info
(Web Page)

hopefully they'll use the momentum that they had while reviewing the archives.. and they won't think 'oh there's no more work.. i'm gonna sleep now'... if they do... too bad... they've had a tough several weeks-months

     9 December 2001, 21:48 GMT

Re: Back in business!

awesome, ticalc. Finally there will be new programs. the wait is over.

     9 December 2001, 22:21 GMT

Re: Back in business!

what kind of abuse?

     9 December 2001, 22:22 GMT

Re: Back in business!
tge82  Account Info

Wow, those last two sections were fast.
Good job, ticalc.org!

     9 December 2001, 22:30 GMT

Re: Re: Back in business!
jeff m  Account Info

Mac is tiny, and 92 isn't that large compared to other calcs...good job anyway, ticalc.org. Have fun with the pending files...

     10 December 2001, 03:39 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Back in business!
Samir Ribic  Account Info
(Web Page)

Did you mean Mac and Ti92 ARCHIVES?

TI92 itself is larger than other calculators.
Mac is not tiny, even existed FatMac.


     11 December 2001, 12:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Back in business!
tge82  Account Info

Boy, we sure are taking things literally today, aren't we? :-)

     11 December 2001, 20:24 GMT

Re: Back in business!
Aaron Povolish  Account Info

I must say, this is probably the most surprising birthday present I've gotten in awhile. What a coincidence!

     11 December 2001, 04:15 GMT

Re: Back in business!
Jahshan Bhatti

Good Job TI-Calc! I've been waiting for some programs.

     13 December 2001, 03:26 GMT
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