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Calculus Tools Concept App
Posted by Eric on 19 August 2001, 10:35 GMT

Texas Instruments has released their newest concept application, Calculus Tools for the TI-89 (note: you will need to sign on to their online store before the link will work). It's dated 8/7 and extends the functionality of your calculator by helping users learn about series, sequences, vector calculus, applications of differentiation, and all sorts of other good stuff. The TI-92 version can be found here. Thanks to Olivier Miclo for the link.


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Re: Calculus Tools Concept App
DasBoot  Account Info

Just cant resist it!

     19 August 2001, 13:34 GMT

Re: Re: Calculus Tools Concept App
Scott Uhl  Account Info
(Web Page)

I haven't been to this page for about a year and we still do first comment >_<. Heh.

     20 August 2001, 21:34 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Calculus Tools Concept App
no_one_2000_  Account Info

I used to, but then when I saw how stupid it looked, I stopped.

     20 August 2001, 22:49 GMT

Re: Re: Calculus Tools Concept App
no_one_2000_  Account Info

Hey, we just got some new news! Yeah!!!

     20 August 2001, 22:44 GMT

Ciaran McCreesh  Account Info

Why do I just get several million question marks when following that link? Surely this couldn't be the dreaded 'ticalc.org effect'? Or is it that TI's web designers have reached the same quality as their calculator programmers? :)

     19 August 2001, 18:33 GMT

Re: Erm...
Peter Martijn Kuipers  Account Info

Maybe because you haven't logged in to the ti online
Also, it makes a difference what country you select.
(Some how, they only seem to put new programs in the USA section)
(In that case, you should find a valid US postal code to fill in, and squeeze your real info into the other fields.)

     20 August 2001, 07:21 GMT

Re: Re: Erm...
Ciaran McCreesh  Account Info
(Web Page)

I'm logged in... Experiments give me about a 25% success rate.

The ticalc.org effect then.

     20 August 2001, 18:37 GMT

Downloading the Calculus Tools Concept App...
ArsenicMan33  Account Info

...I'm getting a HTTP 500 error on the page after I log in. Is this happening to anyone else? There's no link for contacting the site that I could find, but I figured I'd get confirmation before searching deeper.

Or, if someone could e-mail it to me, I'd appreciate it.

     24 August 2001, 18:58 GMT

Re: Downloading the Calculus Tools Concept App...
ArsenicMan33  Account Info

Never mind... the site's *finally* working...

     27 August 2001, 14:01 GMT

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