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Command to Conquer v0.75
Posted by Eric on 7 June 2001, 06:08 GMT

Command to ConquerThis is one of those programs that have been out there for a while; I've been meaning to mention it, so here we go. Ty Taylor of calcware.org has released an updated version of Real-time Command to Conquer, a Command & Conquer clone for the TI-89. New features in this version include a few new buildings and fighting units, as well as lots of other interface enhancements.


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Re: Command to Conquer v0.75
the one  Account Info
(Web Page)

kick a$$!

     7 June 2001, 21:40 GMT

Re: Command to Conquer v0.75
acr34  Account Info
(Web Page)

I....... WANT............. THAT......... CALC.........

     7 June 2001, 23:04 GMT

Re: Re: Command to Conquer v0.75
T:-:T  Account Info
(Web Page)

The TI-89 is only $165. If you want it that bad buy it w/ ur own money, if u dont have money, get a job (if u are 14 or older). I love the TI-89, and c2c rules! Very hard though, and i have no idea what a silo does, but oh well.

     15 June 2001, 03:28 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Command to Conquer v0.75
Nick Carlson

calc.org sells TI 89s for about $130, last time I checked.

- Nick

     20 June 2001, 21:30 GMT

Re: Command to Conquer v0.75
Barrett Anderson  Account Info
(Web Page)

looks pretty cool, and sounds pretty cool, but when you're playing it... way too complicated to select/build/all the button functions. hard to memorize those.. but i'm sure if you memorize them it's fun... pretty good program... from what i've seen (maybe i havnt explored enough) this game lacks TERRAIN. if you want a really good real-time strategy game.. you need terrain... otherwise it's just not as fun... i know the way Ty programmed it only had a fog of war array... and that's it. Just a thought that would make it better... i'm working on a starcraft game (don't worry it's not as good as you would expect).. but it included MOVING Terrain... if you want to test it.. click on my website and follow stuff. anyways... back to the reply... other than TERRAIN and other complications... good game.(also a little slow)

     8 June 2001, 00:32 GMT

Re: Re: Command to Conquer v0.75

One good reason why there is no terrain is to increase visiblity of the items and to increase speed. It would take additional time to draw the terrain when you were scrolling.

The commands are easy to memorize. It took me less than 5 minutes.
F1 - Build Buildings
F2 - Build vehicles
2nd - select & move

Those are the basic keys.

     8 June 2001, 00:43 GMT

Re: Re: Command to Conquer v0.75
Ty Taylor  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yeah, I didn't add grass or other underlying terrain because all images are XOR for maximum speed and would look bad when over grass. However, I will add more terrain like cliffs, and water that obstruct your movement.

You can increase the speed of the game by pressing "*". HW2 seems to run slower than HW1.

     8 June 2001, 00:54 GMT

Re: Command to Conquer v0.75
PureHylian  Account Info

I had to try to see if it works under the 92+. The good news is that it does, the bad news is that the keys are all over the place. 2nd moves up, lock moves right, shift moves down, diamond moves left, Tan is build mode, comma is the other build mode. Grayscale works perfectly with my HW2, AMS 2.5 calculator. I was really shocked that it worked. It even uses the whole screen. :) There is no way to exit though.

ps. when I hold down F8, it says Gamespeed 244

     8 June 2001, 08:32 GMT

Re: Command to Conquer v0.75
GavinO  Account Info
(Web Page)

THe ReadMe says to wuit, the keys are Shift+Home. This combo doesn't work on my HW2, AMS2.03 physical or VTI. I was wondering if there is a different quit function, because it is geting really irritating to have to reinstrall Doors every time I rip the battereis out to get back to school work.

     8 June 2001, 20:56 GMT

Re: Re: Command to Conquer v0.75
Ty Taylor  Account Info
(Web Page)

Shift (the big arrow pointing up, just right of the 2nd key) + HOME will exit game. You must of pressed the wrong key.

     8 June 2001, 21:07 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Command to Conquer v0.75
GavinO  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yeah, I know which keys on my calc are which :) What it was is that C2C doens't use standard calc practice of pushing the modifier and then the key. It uses the PC style, where you hold the modifier and press the key. I suppose I should have noticed when it way key+key rather than [key][key]

     10 June 2001, 20:42 GMT

Sweet, yo!
Skyler Weaver

Well, well. Very nice, but wait! I've got a TI-92+!
So it works and all...but the keys are messed up. (this isnt the first game with this problem)
My 2nd, "Hand", dimond, and shift keys replace the arrows, and vice versa.
If you could spawn a 92+ version...thatd be great.

Or, someone should make a program to convert 89 stuff to 92+ and back. Just the screen size and arrow keys 'n; stuff. :)

     9 June 2001, 09:28 GMT

Re: Command to Conquer v0.75
Alex Quick  Account Info
(Web Page)


wow this game is kickass

too bad my batteries are now DEAD! is there going to be more levels for this sometime?

     11 June 2001, 07:04 GMT

Re: Re: Command to Conquer v0.75
Ty Taylor  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yes, many more levels will be added in future versions.

     11 June 2001, 07:15 GMT

Port Command and Conquer!!!
Shawn Woods  Account Info
(Web Page)

Would it be possible to port this program to the ti-83+??? Would the greyscale be possible?

     12 June 2001, 15:55 GMT

Re: Port Command and Conquer!!!
jdhensh  Account Info

I hope it can, I hope it can, I hope it can...

     12 June 2001, 23:15 GMT

Re: Port Command and Conquer!!!
FloppusMaximus  Account Info

Because of the differences between the chips, porting anything requires basically rewriting the code. Even if you could just recompile for the Z80, it would be incredibly slow.
As for the grayscale, I don't know of any way other than quickly swapping the screen between two buffers. which could cut the speed in half if it's fast enough to look good.

     14 June 2001, 22:15 GMT
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