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ticalc.org Pending Reaches Unprecedented Low
Posted by Eric on 2 June 2001, 08:22 GMT

CNN Coverage In a stunning new development, ticalc.org's pending file count has apparently reached an unprecedented level, according to preliminary Swedish radio reports.

Commented longtime TI calculator enthusiast Chris Frankel, "I was just minding my business, doing my daily check of the current load on ticalc.org's File Upload form, when lo and behold, there it was: 'Current load of pending files is minimal.' I mean, since the feature was announced almost three months ago, I've never seen it say anything besides 'heavy.' What gives?"

Frankel then rushed off on a pilgrimage to New Orleans, La., mumbling something about the apocalypse.

News sites around the world were quickly broadcasting the news. A screenshot of CNN's coverage can be found above and to your right (click on thumbnail to enlarge).

ticalc.org member and house cynic Eric Sun commented, "Ehh, who knows. It's probably a hoax. In any case, it'll get back to its usual 'heavy' in a day or two anyway."

ticalc.org file archivers Steve Whittaker and David Critch were located vacationing in Aruba and on the North Pole, respectively. Both shrugged their shoulders when asked about their latest efforts, casting further doubt on the validity of the file pending count.

Former ticalc.org news editor Nick Disabato could not be reached for comment. As is evident from the announcement on his webpage, he is now either a) a captive of the Dark Side, or b) too insane to give a coherent response anyway.

More information to come as it becomes available...



Update (Eric): Before everyone comes and emails me about it...yes, we're aware that ol' Nick may have some, uh...problems. Okay, check that. Lots of problems. But don't worry, we'll, ah...take care of Nick later, after we figure out what's wrong with our (*@#%&(*@# pending count.


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Re: ticalc.org Pending Reaches Unprecedented Low
Alex Hoops  Account Info

Sad things happen like this when the people in charge do stupid things like release 30 83 and 30 83+ games 2 days in a row... WHen will they realize what pain theyve caused ~finally!~ gj guys

     3 June 2001, 05:51 GMT

Re: ticalc.org Pending Reaches Unprecedented Low
Sherman Cahal  Account Info
(Web Page)

Nick will manfacture baby food? Oh no, time to kill my baby prematurely...



     4 June 2001, 18:43 GMT

Re: ticalc.org Pending Reaches Unprecedented Low

Fake news or not, the intrest in the TI community is something of concern. In the past, I have seen articles with as many as 200 or more comments and replies, however, for the last 10 or so articles, spanning an entire month, the replies have dropped signifigantly. I have also noticed that the programs produced are of better quality than before, so instead of more useless programs, there are far more useful and more complex(in a good way) programs. I really don't know what point I'm trying to make here, so don't bother pointing that out.

     4 June 2001, 21:10 GMT

Re: Re: ticalc.org Pending Reaches Unprecedented Low
Nicholas Bendler  Account Info
(Web Page)

Traffic usually drops off in the summer months.

     4 June 2001, 23:18 GMT

Re:^3 ticalc.org Pending Reaches Unprecedented Low
Ted Burton  Account Info

I used to be a very regular poster on this site. Then I encountered overlyburdensome levels of that strange idea teachers call homework. Check the current recordholder for most comments: you will see that I contributed significantly to that record.

This is my first comment in literally 3 months, because of homework, projects, AP exams, and finals. Because of the mental and age demographics of this site, I doubt I am the only one who has encountered issues like these that eat up time even faster than M$ Windoze eats up RAM (yes, that's possible:).

And yes, ticalc.org's hits do decrease during the summer. It is not uncommon for the weekly hits to drop below a hundred thousand, if you check the server status page thingie (it's 5:10 am local time, so I don't quite remember at this hour).

     10 June 2001, 11:11 GMT

Re: Find religion NOW, before its too late
acr34  Account Info
(Web Page)


     7 June 2001, 03:16 GMT

Lose religion now, before it is too late!

Try atheism.I think you'll like it.

     15 June 2001, 04:21 GMT
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