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Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
Posted by Eric on 13 May 2001, 20:44 GMT

Levi Lansing has released a nifty new program for Windows called Animation Studio 86. It allows users to visually create an animation, preview it, and build a 4, 8, 16, or 32 level grayscale animation for the TI-86. As you might expect, this program uses some monster compression schemes to fit all that good stuff in. This is only a preliminary beta, but everything is functional in this version. Have fun!


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Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
casey amsbaugh  Account Info

Will somebody please tell me how this programs works??? I drag a picture into it, but i can't convert it to ti-program format to send to my ti-86.

     8 February 2005, 21:10 GMT

Re: Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
casey amsbaugh  Account Info

e-mail me at Caseyamsbaugh9@alloymail.com

     8 February 2005, 21:17 GMT

Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
gorion Account Info

32 level grayscale? That would be kinda cool.

<First comment> (or second).

     13 May 2001, 20:50 GMT

Re: Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
Daniel Bishop  Account Info
(Web Page)

The only problem is that 32-level grayscale requires 4960 bytes per picture. You'd run out of RAM very quickly.

     13 May 2001, 23:49 GMT

Titanium Multimedia New version!!!!!
Gohan Account Info
(Web Page)

Okthis relates not at all to the messages above but is it just me or does the zip files of the new TIMM version not work?? I REALLY want it please help meeee!

     14 May 2001, 03:14 GMT

Re: Titanium Multimedia New version!!!!!
joelt  Account Info
(Web Page)

I have the exact same problem, and it makes me mad.

     15 May 2001, 00:28 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
Levi Lansing  Account Info
(Web Page)

that's where the compression comes in:) each frame is compressed rather well by itself (unless it's an actual photo), and then is compressed with the previous frame so the less that changes, the smaller it will be. (by the way, each uncompressed frame in 32-level grayscale is actually 5120 bytes) Average compression for 32-levels of gray = ~85% meaning a 15 frame animation usually compresses to about 11KB + the program (1KB more)

     14 May 2001, 03:22 GMT

Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
Hexalon  Account Info

does it work in any other calcs?

     13 May 2001, 21:00 GMT

Re: Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
jeff m  Account Info

the thingy that actually makes it into a program and data string only works for 86...
I wish someone would port it to 89; it looks like the hard parts--writing the windows stuff and figuring out a compression method--are already done. Looks really nice though, especially for a beta.

     14 May 2001, 00:38 GMT

Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
Alex Hoops  Account Info

someone said once that X level gray scale doesnt mean it has X gray shades, but something like X*X shades, what does the gray scale actually mean?

     13 May 2001, 21:14 GMT

Re: Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
Shaun  Account Info

one of the grays is white...
2 level grayscale is black and white
4 level grayscale is black dark grey light grey and white
X level grayscale is black X-2 amount of varying greys and white

     13 May 2001, 23:32 GMT

Re: Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
Olivier Lecocq  Account Info
(Web Page)

Nice little proggie! I'll condider using it for my next project.

About the grayscale: you can have 2^x grayscale levels (x being the number of screen areas in memory you need).

The number of colors is 2^x including black and white. So the standard setting is: no grayscale, just 1 screen 2^1=2. 4 level grayscale is achieved by having 2 screens alternating (2^2=4; black, white, dark grey, light grey)... and so on. 32 level grayscale means 5 screens (2^5=32). I doubt it's worth the memory requirements. While it may look good on a PC screen, the TI86 screen is not clear enough.

     13 May 2001, 23:36 GMT

Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
Derrick  Account Info
(Web Page)

Woah 32 level gray scale. Still waiting for the 64 to come out before I get an 86 ;-]

- Derrick

     13 May 2001, 22:23 GMT

Re: Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b

you think that's possible?

     16 May 2001, 21:54 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
Levi Lansing  Account Info
(Web Page)

of course it's possible... the only problem is that it would flicker so badly it wouldn't be worth it unless your ti-86 was overclocked... but only a few people have overclocked 86's and since i don't, i won't be working with it anytime soon.

     17 May 2001, 22:17 GMT

da86guy Account Info

I've done 128-level grayscale, with a HALT replacement because HALT is too slow. The LCD supports writing to it at 800 hz - pretty good.

A HALT is (i think) 60000 clock cycles
I made my halt replacement use around 16384 cc.
it still flickers, but is a whole lot better. Using compression, I got it down to 601 bytes (the program generates the screens)

     20 May 2001, 21:48 GMT

Off topic...
Dave Havok  Account Info

But oh well. I was wondering if anyone else has been unable to unzip the new TIMM. For me, it says it's missing 10 bytes (but tries to unzip, anyway), then says it doesn't appear to be a valid archive. I did think it was kinda strange that there was no file name in the zip contents...

     14 May 2001, 00:12 GMT

Re: Off topic...
SMKnight  Account Info
(Web Page)

That program sounds cool, makes me wish I had an 86 to try it... I just wanted to say that I get the same error for timm.zip and I hope it's fixed so I can try it!
Sorry to be off-topic,

     14 May 2001, 00:53 GMT

Re: Off topic...
Zog  Account Info

Same problem here =(

     14 May 2001, 19:41 GMT

Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b
Frank Schoep  Account Info
(Web Page)

TIMM 1.4.72 should be fixed real soon. Sorry for the off-topic topic. TIMM now supports *all* ASM capable calcs: 82,83,83+,85,86,89 and 92+ and it has *full greyscale functionality*. It now has a quality control slider to create longer videos without losing too much quality.

     14 May 2001, 20:28 GMT

Re: Animation Studio 86 v0.1b

Hey, you think anyone could somehow port a version of it to the TI-82? Maybe with 4-level or maybe 8-level grayscale only, because I don't think TI-82s hold grayscale effects that well.

     16 May 2001, 21:54 GMT

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