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Patience v1.00 Released for TI-89
Posted by Eric on 4 May 2001, 21:17 GMT

When recently-retired Thomas Nussbaumer emailed me today asking me to check out this program, I figured it had to be pretty nice. And indeed it was. Patience is a collection of five Solitaire-style card games. It has all the features you'd expect, plus more: probably the nicest one is that you can save games (and thus play many games at once). It features excellent greyscale and runs on all AMS versions without any kernel installed. Congratulations to its author, who goes by the name of OASO, on his achievement.


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Re: Patience v1.00 Released for TI-89
SHEENmaster  Account Info
(Web Page)

first post.

So to recap they took the most used feature of windows and put it on a calc. I am glad to see another calc game that doesn't involve mindless shooting, guessing a number, or fakeing a download. If this game is written in c as I presume it is please release the code or port it to the 92+.

     4 May 2001, 21:34 GMT

Re: Re: Patience v1.00 Released for TI-89

sounds cool!

     4 May 2001, 21:50 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Patience v1.00 Released for TI-89
hrodvar johannsson


     6 November 2001, 15:36 GMT

Re: Patience v1.00 Released for TI-89
JaggedFlame Account Info

Whoa. I got a little confused there when you mentioned Thomas at the beginning of the article, then "this program" in the same sentence. Then I saw the OASO at the end of the article. :-P

     4 May 2001, 22:06 GMT

Re: Patience v1.00 Released for TI-89
gorion Account Info

This OASO guy sounds pretty good. Mazacuata is a nibbles-like game that he wrote which has very nice graphics, though an addition of levels would be nice.

     4 May 2001, 22:19 GMT

Re: Patience v1.00 Released for TI-89
Shaun  Account Info

It is already a featured program.:)

     5 May 2001, 01:43 GMT

Re: Patience v1.00 Released for TI-89
Robert Mohr  Account Info

Has anyone figured out how to expand the cards in these games?

     5 May 2001, 02:46 GMT

Re: Re: Patience v1.00 Released for TI-89
alanxz  Account Info

You can't and you don't need to, just put the cursor over the card and it displays the value of the card at the bottom of the screen. Although I agree it is a pain to have to do this especally for something like freecell.

     7 May 2001, 23:30 GMT

Don Quixote Account Info
(Web Page)

Hey, Isn't OASO the guy who Tom said pointed out that TICT-Ebook Reader wasn't idling, so it drained batteries really quick? I think he was credited on the TICT site

     5 May 2001, 18:20 GMT

Thomas Nussbaumer  Account Info
(Web Page)

Yes, he is. I got a beta version of Patience a while ago and after I have seen that's released now I thought it deserves to become a member of the "Featured Programs List". Good to see that Eric agreed. It's the first NOSTUB patience game and it's great.

     6 May 2001, 20:27 GMT

Octavio Salguero  Account Info

I'm glad you liked the game!

SHEENmaster and Thomas:

I'm going to release the source, but I need to translate it since it is written mostly in spanish. You'll need to wait.

also SHEENmaster:

I'd like to port it to the 92+, but I don't have acces to any.


You can't do that at this time, but who knows, perhaps in the future...

     8 May 2001, 18:22 GMT

Octavio Salguero  Account Info

Well, now you now my name!

     8 May 2001, 18:29 GMT

gorion Account Info

So, are you planning to improve your games? Making all the cards that could be seen would be nice. Addition of levels in Mazacuata would improve it greatly. FreeCell automatically putting away cards when they are for sure no longer useful would also be very nice.

     9 May 2001, 22:44 GMT

Re: Re: CRAP!
Octavio Salguero  Account Info

Yes, I worked in the game this week, now you can change the space between the cards and the speed of the cursor gets with [DIAMMOND], as well as the back of the cards. Also I added a new set of cards. They are a lot more recognizable.

Also I'm just working on a new game for the collection.

Now about Mazacuata: I wrote it as an experiment. With that game I learned to use the greyscales. I hav not plans for improve it, but if I see enough interest, perhaps I'll do it.

     11 May 2001, 17:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: CRAP!
gorion Account Info

Well, I personally think that Mazacuata has the potential of being the best snake game.

     11 May 2001, 22:58 GMT

Request for mazaquatl
Don Quixote Account Info

I really would like to see Mazacuatl improved, it looks better than any other nibbles clone, but the gameplay needs improvement. If it had some more levels and a high score table, it would be amazing.

One other thing, If you could add something at the end of the various solitaire games in patience to let you know you won, It would be better, if possible, something to tell you that you lose would also be useful

     15 May 2001, 01:20 GMT

joelt  Account Info
(Web Page)

Don't worry. I won't kill you now that I know your name. We all know Thomas' name, and we haven't killed him yet <sarcastic>(although that might change</sarcastic> because his output of some of the best games in the world for the 68k calculators will come to a halt =( We also know Thomas' address. Don't worry. Just keep the good games comming.
Again, sorry to see you go, Thomas.

     11 May 2001, 05:41 GMT

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